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Jaska Sarell
28-02-08, 15:55
Some English humour for a change:

A husband and wife are shopping in their local supermarket, when the husband picks up a crate of lager and puts it in their trolley.
' What do you think you're doing?' asks his wife.
' They're on offer, only 10 for twelve cans', he replies.
' Put them back, we can't afford them,' demands his wife and so they carry on shopping.
A few aisles further along, the woman picks up a 20 jar of face cream and sticks it into the trolley.
' What do you think you're doing?' asks the husband.
' It's my face cream ... it makes me look beautiful', replies his wife.

28-02-08, 16:57
Love it! :D

Jaska Sarell
28-02-08, 19:04
So that joke travelled from Yorkshire via Vantaa to London in less than 1 hours :D

:) Jaska

28-02-08, 19:49
:) yes it did! The wonders of email eh!
In fact, a flight to Helsinki would be quicker than travelling from one end of London to the other with all the traffic problems and road works. As for the M25 motorway, total nightmare, join it at your peril! You have been warned!:D

(For anyone not familiar with the wonderful motorway system in England (Yes, there is some slight sarcasm here ;) ), the M25 motoroway is the one that goes right around the outskirts of London in a circle.) I wish we stuck to the Roman roads, one loooong straight line! :D (which of course there are plenty here but the M25 is one of the most complained about motorways)

How on earth did I manage to get from a lager joke to motorways!!!!!:eek: :confused:

28-02-08, 20:34
We can continue to jump:-)

Cris Rea have a song called Road to Hell, I have some memories that it's about one of your English Motorways.


Jaska Sarell
28-02-08, 20:48
How on earth did I manage to get from a lager joke to motorways!!!!!:eek: :confused:
Maybe that's a choice one has to make now and then. Whether to drive somewhere or walk to the nearest pub and have a pint (in England I'd prefer local ale though, not lager) :cool:
My worst memories of English motorways are from Manchester area, when trying to pass the city during rush hours. And that was way back in 1995, my third and last time (ever, I think, even without your warning) when I visited England by car.

:) Jaska

01-03-08, 07:14
aathat joke was great. It was read even as far as Minnesota(LOL)
Take Care