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Tracy Boeldt
05-11-03, 02:48
I recently received some information on my family in Sweden and a lot of the relatives moved to Norway and it was mentioned that "several children went to Norway, that was then part of the Swedish-Norwegian Union". This is the first that I've heard of this kind of union and I was wondering if anyone on the forum had thoughts to share on this.

05-11-03, 03:32
Hi Tracy,
When I was looking on the Internet for the New Sweden Colony, I found a map of Swedish territory, I'm assuming from the 1600s. I was surprised to notice that the central part of Norway was color-coded as belonging to Sweden.

Hopefully, someone has knowledge of this as I'd be interested to learn as well.

Gunnar Damström
05-11-03, 04:35
In the 1397 Queen Margareta of Sweden made the first attempt to unify the nordic countries; the so called Kalmar Union (Denmark, Sweden, Norway). Sweden soon broke away, however Denmark and Norway remained a union until 1814 when Sweden following a war with Denmark formed a state union with Norway. That union lasted until 1905 when it was peacefully dissolved.

Gunnar Damström
05-11-03, 05:46
Karl X Gustaf conducted a war against Denmark which ended in Swedish victory and in the peace treaty of Roskilde 1659 Denmark surrendered Skåne, Blekinge, Halland and the Trondheim Province and Island of Bornholm to Sweden. The king later came to regret that he did not utilize the situation better and the war continued. However the king died the following year 1660 and the government of trustees (Karl XI was underage)signed the Köpenhamn peace treaty with Denmark in 1660 where Tronheim Province and Bornholm were returned to Denmark.

02-12-03, 19:25
Sweden an Norway formed a union under Swedish rule from somtimes in the beginning of the 19th century. Before that most of Norway belonged to Denmark.

The union was peacefully dissolved in 1905, when the history of modern Norway begins.


16-01-04, 05:43
Utan chauffeur,
Den norkse mr Storthing nu vill pröfva
Att företa en tur på egen hand,
Och ej han tror sig att chauffeur behöfva,
När styret han ses ta med ovan hand.
Men automobilen kanske skall
Snart explodera med en väldig knall.
Och litet hvarstans utl Europa
Med dyster blick stormakter honom se,
Och kanske slå de sig helt snart tillhopa
Att för hans djärfva framfart "sätta p",
Med varsam hand chauffeuren Oscar då
Skall visst som förr maskinen styra få.

This was published in January 10, 1905 in Seattle.
I found it fascinating to see in 1905 the use of the latest technology to convey the message of the dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian union.
Perhaps someone can translate this for us? I think the Swedes are wondering if Norway can make it alone.

16-01-04, 15:11
The Norwgian-Swedish union vas formed after a peace treaty between Sweden and Denmark 1814 when Norway came under Swedish rule. The Norwegians never liked it.