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03-03-08, 13:09
Hi all! Lovely to have the forum back!

Please can anyone help me with this photo. My newly found second cousin just emailed it to me. We don't know the date of the photo but I would like to date it to an approximate year if possible. My great uncle is the man sitting in the middle. I would like to find out the occasion of this photo from the clues given and also try to find out who the others are in the photo, family members or students perhaps?

I thought it may help if I know why they are wearing the ribbons and of course, any other information that can be taken from this photo, possible years this photo may have been taken etc.
My great uncle was born in 1882.

Many thanks!


Karen Norwillo
03-03-08, 15:11
Georg Nyblin was a photographer in Åbo/Turku as you already know. Born 1859 and died 1931. With the age of the people on the photo, young adults with books, and being in Turku, I'm wondering if it has a connection to the university. Maybe some sort of honor society? Karen

03-03-08, 17:58
Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for your super fast response!

I have no idea about photographers as I haven't come across any unknown photos until now but it is something I will look into now.

I thought the same because of the books etc and they dont look like siblings. I know what my other great aunts and uncles looked like and it is nothing like these people so it looks like they are students or something. The white ribbons interest me.
I know my great uncle was an engineer of some sort so maybe a graduation?
Anyone know about ribbons?


Jaska Sarell
03-03-08, 19:51
Just to narrow the years:
Georg Nyblin lived in Turku from 1884 to 1900, then in Helsinki until 1914. He had come from Oslo to Helsinki in 1881, and died in Oslo, Norway.
(details from FMP (http://www.fmp.fi/fmp_fi/muvieras/arkisto/kuvaajat/tiedot/615.htm) site, text available in Finnish only)

:) Jaska

03-03-08, 20:47
Hi Ayla

What was the name of your great uncle? Is it possible that he went to school in Åbo/Turku I have a matricle of the pupils that went to Svenska klassiska Lyceum (Swedish Classic High School) between 1872 and 1972. Maybe he's in it.


03-03-08, 22:27
Hi Sune,

That sounds exciting! My great uncle's name was Frans Fredrik Brander but he later changed it from Brander to Paloheimo.
My mother tells me he was a sähkoteknikko (dots should be on the first o, I only know how to do ä :)

Not sure what a sähkoteknikko does exactly, some sort of engineer or something. He worked for Rauma Wood Ltd. Sorry, I'm giving you his life story now, you only asked for his name! :)))


05-03-08, 12:40
Sorry Ayla Frans Fredrik Brander isn't in the book. But there is, however, an Oskar Daniel Paloheimo (Brander until 1906).

He was born November 23rd 1858 in Euraåminne (Eurajoki in Finnish). His parents were farmer Otto Reinhold Brander and Maria Amalia Grönholm. He was matriculated intyo 5th grade 1877 and graduated 1881, He was ordained as priest 1885, took his pastoral exam 1887, became a chaplain in Kiikka 1888, was vicar in Norrmark and Loimijoki.

He married Hilma Charlotta Ceberg in 1885. He died in Loimijoki Februari 2nd 1926.

This is obviousy not the same person and the mystery with the picture remains, but this Oskar Daniel seems some sort of relative.

Sähköteknikko means electrical engineer. He must have been one of the pioneers in this field in Finland.

And it's quite all right to give "unnecessary" information. You never know which interesting gates they may open. It's always better to tell a little extra than to tell too little.:)

best regards


05-03-08, 17:14
Ah well, never mind, thank you for checking anyway.
I have heard that my great uncle was very famous in his work and that he travelled to Sweden, Denmark and Germany a lot to do this work.
My Brander family are so huge and I am still working on my grandmother's brothers and sisters families and their children and grandchildren. Once I find my close living relatives then I will begin to look into my great grandfather's siblings etc.
This is soooo interesting.

05-03-08, 19:28
Ok, here is a photo of my great grandfather Fredrik Brander. This is the first time I am seeing how my great grandfather looked and I got quite emotional! Especially because I can see so many family similarities :))
I just received it from my newly found second cousins in Oulu. Wonderful! They couldnt give me the information I asked for though :( so I would like to ask the experienced members here please.

He was born in 1859 and died 1923 in Pori. I would love to get an idea of when this photo could have been taken. So my questions are :

1. What sort of uniform was this he was wearing?
2. What does the arm band say or any guess as to what it could say and of course what does it mean?
3. Any approx date of the photo according to how he was dressed?

Huge thanks!

p.s. Denise, check out the Brander mouth, see the likeness :)) This is Elli's grandfather. All my grandmother's brothers and sisters and children have Fredrik's shape of mouth and lips, including me! Great stuff!

Jaska Sarell
05-03-08, 19:51
I'd say that the arm band says Porin suojeluskunta.
See Wikipedia article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Guard_%28Finland%29).

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
05-03-08, 20:04
Jaska, The photo in the article definitely appears to show the same uniform. Good work. Karen

05-03-08, 20:17
Thank you so much Jaska. You are all amazing here! That was another great history lesson for me ;)


05-03-08, 22:42
Hi Ayla,
Yes, Fredrik looks very much like the photo of Elli. What a great photo, Ayla. :D