View Full Version : Baxter basin oil syndicate?

05-03-08, 15:15
hello! iīm looking for information about baxter basin oil syndicate in wyoming. my grandfathers father bought shares of it in 1923. unfortunately I havenīt found any information about it anywhere..

Karen Norwillo
05-03-08, 16:14
From internet search, Natural gas and oil discovered at South Baxter Basin in 1922 on the Rock Springs Uplift. Most prolific comes from the La Barge Platform. It produced more than 80 miliion barrels of oil and an estimated recovery of more than 2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. From "Greater Green River Basin" by Richard I Gibson. I found a contact to the Wyoming Geological Association, www.wyogeo.org. Also, Mary England P.O. Box 545 Casper, WY 82601. Maybe she can help you with your question. Karen