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06-03-08, 16:17
J. Inborr, who was a member of the Finnish Parliament, a granddaughter
here in the U.S. anxious to "hear" from anyone out there who may have
any information about her grandfather who came from Jakobstad. The
granddaughter mentions a biography having been publiished about her
grandfather. She is aso the daughter of the late Rev. John Kallmann who
came from Forsby Bennas.

any response greatly appreciated.


Karen Norwillo
06-03-08, 19:36
Don't know if this Inborr family is any relation, but there are lots of names and dates on this one tombstone. What does the J stand for? A first name would help. Karen

06-03-08, 20:04

Thanks for your reply. I spoke with the granddaughter and she believes his
name was Johannes as shown on the headstone. Her mother's name was
Maria Louvisa Inborr b. 09/1887 in Forsby married to J.A. Kallman b.
11/1886 in Forsby. The flowers on the gravesite are pretty but they may
obstruct seeing another name or two.

thanks again,


06-03-08, 20:18
Yes, this is the right person on the tombstone from the cemetary of Pedersöre. I do not personally have any biography of this person, but I have heard a lot of him. He was a very important person here in Pedersöre - Jakobstad.


Karen Norwillo
06-03-08, 20:31
I found a bio on a Johan Inborr in pdf form. I tried to convert to a jpeg as it contains a photo. It didn't work. Too big to attach. If you Google Johan Inborr-baptistpionjär, you should be able to view it. It's in Swedish. Karen

Karen Norwillo
06-03-08, 20:52
Here's just the photo. I tried the link I gave above, it didn't work. Just Google Johan Inborr in Jakobstad and you'll find the PDF.

Karen Norwillo
06-03-08, 21:19
Here are all the names on that tombstone.
Johannes 9/2 1867 - 6/7 1939
Johanna 25/5 1868- 15/6 1948
Alfred 17/12 1888- 1/4 1912
Ester 30/9 1905- 23/5 1916
Valter 7/3 1909- 7/3 1930
Viktor 3/8 1894- USA 20/8 1942
Villiam 4/9 1896- 25/4 1960
Maria 29/9 1886- USA 31/5 1964
Joel 15/9 1898-5/3 1979
1st wife Eva födde Nylund 23/12 1904-8/3 1934
2nd wife Ingeborg födde Wiik 13/2 1912-24/4 1998
Interesting that they included the children who died in the USA.

Karen Norwillo
06-03-08, 21:37
The matching birth on Hiski for the Maria on the tombstone says
Pedersöre, 26/9 1886 Forsby village Ness farm to Bdn Johan Andersson and Johanna Jonasdtr 18 Maria Lovisa.

07-03-08, 00:01

Thank you for carefully clearing the flowers in front of that headstone,
and in so doing the name Maria appears, the name of the mother of the
granddaughter mentioned before who lives in Rhode Island. The photo of
Inborr is the same photo on page 37 of Leif-Erik Holmqvist's book:

Finlands Svenska Baptister 150 år

Now to locate the biography, in Swedish, of Inborr. Maybe Seattle can

Thanks to all of you for your help.


07-03-08, 12:03
can be viewed here

Cick the link (http://issuu.com/hasse/docs/inborr?mode=embed&documentId=080307105750-a372f10ec9d04a1899114ddfc07df081&layout=grey).

Karen Norwillo
07-03-08, 19:55
I don't know what your lady has as far as info , but here is a 1915 arrival for Maria Kallmann and children, going to husband John.

Karen Norwillo
07-03-08, 20:25
Here is some more info. According to census, John first emigrated 1905 and Maria 1907. I also found his WWI and WWII Draft Reg. Please stop me if you have these. Karen

Karen Norwillo
07-03-08, 23:07
Here is a 1913 arrival of John Kallman and Viktor Inborr, Maria's brother.

Karen Norwillo
07-03-08, 23:30
Here's page 2 of that 1913 arrival. Also, Victor's WWI Draft and a border crossing in 1925 from Mexico into Nogales, AZ.
CA Death Index has matching birth and death dates for Victor M Inborr dying in San Bernardino county.

03-02-09, 15:37
Hi Everyone,

My name is Andrew Kallman.

My father, James Kallman was Melba's brother (the "granddaughter" mentioned in the other posts). My grandfather and grandmother, from dad's side of the family, were John A. Kallman (Johan Alfred Källman, back home in Finland) and Mary was his wife (Maria <nee Inborr> back home in Finland). They are both buried in Gladstone, Michigan in the cemetary behind the Baptist church there.

Johan Inborr (not Johannes ... there was a mistake made on the gravestone due to a bad telephone connection when the gravestone was ordered ... and the mistake was never corrected ... this was due to the war time conditions at that time).

While my dad was alive, he had shared part (or all) of Johan Inborr's diary with the SFHS (to be translated into English) from the time he was in the US working for a company in Ironton, MI that had a smelting operation that was there. Unfortunately, it was an extremely difficult document to translate and the initial draft from the SFHS had a number of mistakes (wrong names, etc.).

It was there in Ironton that Johan earned the money with which to return to Finland to purchase the farm there in Forsby. His father, Anders Niss, was a strict Baptist that gave the entire inheritance to the first born son, so Johan was on his own financially, thus the trip to the US was needed to earn the money to buy the farm.

Johan then passed the farm on to Joel who in turn passed the farm on to Richard (also called Dick) and he's still living on the farm in the house there in Forsby. A portion of the land next door to the farm was turned into a nice subdivision and bears the name "Niss."

Although I was born in the US (Lansing, MI), I have lived in Jakobstad, Finland during 14 of the past 24 years and am fluent in Swedish. My wife is Gunilla (and she's from Jakobstad, nee Tuomi) and we have 3 children (Mikael, Mattias and Thomas). Mikael's wife's name is Anna (nee Toivanen).

One of the other grand-nieces to Melba recently contacted me via Facebook after she had done a Google search on "Kallman" and "Jakobstad" (guess that I pop to the top of the list on that one).

By the way, our last name is spelled "Kallman" (the original spelling was "Källman" in Swedish). The way it was spelled a couple of times in the other posts is the "German" spelling. :)

Andrew Kallman, MBA, PMP, CSM
Jakobstad, Finland

04-09-09, 17:40
Johan is usually short for the name Johannes. Johan inborr was in the parliament from 1909 to 1939, according to a book about Bennäs. Forsby is a village 15km from Jakobstad.
Johans son Joel's grandson has been working in the same place as me so I know him and Joel's great grand daughter work at the same place so I know her also.
Any questions and I can forward to the Inborr's.

05-09-09, 18:59
Hi everyone,

I can 100% guarantee that Johan Inborr's name was Johan and not Johannes. :)

His daughter (Lise) who is still alive and kicking here in Jakobstad (at age 97) has confirmed that Johan's name was Johan. His granddaughter, Birgitta, who is also alive and kicking at the age of 69 here in J-stad, has also confirmed that it was Johan. As one of the great-grandchildren of Johan Inborr, I can also confirm that his name was Johan and not Johannes.

Appreciate the input from friends of the family, but it was a mistake when the gravestone was ordered (and it was never corrected after that). Typo's happen, even on gravestones.

Andrew Kallman
Jakobstad, Finland