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June Pelo
07-03-08, 17:59
Norden newspaper reports that the merger of Jakobstads Tidning newspaper and Österbottningen newspaper on May 23 will result in a new newspaper that covers the area from Nykarleby to Karleby. No name has yet been chosen for the new paper.

A few years ago the Lutheran Church in Finland set up a web page where members can fill out a form to "resign" from the Church. Since that time over 100,000 people have left the church.

07-03-08, 23:26

The website where you can resign from the church is not set up by the church, but by the "free thinkers" i.e. active atheists who campaign against all religion. They use the Lutheran Church's right to tax it memebers as an argument and many who resign do it just to avoid church tax which is typically 1-1,5 percent of your income depending on parish.

The site's adress is http://eroakirkosta.fi/