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08-03-08, 03:13
I'm very excited to say I'm going to Finland in August! And I'd really like to learn a little Finnish before I go. Can anyone recommend easy, simple language audiobooks that concentrate on the basics, like, please, thank you, where is the train station, where is the bathroom and those types of things?

I realize most of the Finnish people can speak English but if I'm going to go there, I want to make an effort to learn at least a little bit of the language.

Thanks for any advice anyone is willing to share.


08-03-08, 05:31
The Bathroom in Europe is where you bath, wash. The Bathroom in the US is the Toilet. In Europe anywhere a toilet is a WC. Barbara

June Pelo
08-03-08, 16:32
In Finland my relatives refer to the toilet as 'toilet'. I have never heard them call it a WC.

08-03-08, 16:41
Hi Jo,

I'm excited like you because after 20 years I'm going to Helsinki in August.

It is always good to know a bit of the language before you go and yes, a lot of people do speak English, especially the younger generation but you may find that the older generation may not, unless they are in certain jobs etc
When I was in Lapland in December our coach driver couldn't speak a word of English. He was such a happy and lovely man and he loved it when my little girls said kiitos to him everytime he helped them off the coach. Even if you make a hash of the pronunciation etc I always say it is good to have a try so GO FOR IT! :))))