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08-03-08, 03:42
I'm very, very excited that I'm finally getting to go to Finland! My trip is planned for Aug, 2008. I'll fly to Frankfurt, Germany (from the USA) and visit my cousin for a couple of days and then, she and I will travel to Finland for a week or so. We haven't decided yet how to get to Finland or even which town to start with but we're working on it. It's very confusing but gets easier the more we research.

The places we want to visit are Helsinki, Kotka, Turku and Lappajärvi. And possibly, Alajärvi. I need to find out if any relatives (Koskela) still live in Lappajärvi, in hopes of meeting them. I'm already in touch with a Bastman cousin (originally from Kotka, now in Turku) and we'll be making plans to meet.

I had a kazillion questions but they all flew out of my brain the second I sat down to type this. But if any of you have been to Finland and have advice and/or stories for me, I would LOVE to hear from you. And if you live in Finland and have any information for me about Lappajärvi, I would also LOVE to hear from you!

I would really like to see some photos of Lappajärvi or surrounding area.

Thanks so much,


08-03-08, 07:24
See http://www.lappajarvi.fi/tiedostot_admin/Esite_Fin-Eng_NETTI.pdf
for a brochure of Lappajärvi.

10-03-08, 09:59
Hello! For example Finnair flies from Frankfurt to Helsinki. From Helsinki I recommend train to Turku or Tampere (2 hrs)www.vr.fi . you can check out www.turku.fi for information and also www.turkutouring.fi.
You could also fly directly to Vasa and travel by bus to Lappajärvi or Alajärvi if you go there and then by train down to Turku or Helsinki (5 hrs) if you will go there.
Best wishes, Cate,
Turku Finland

10-03-08, 10:01
and well, if you go first to Lappajärvi, it could be smart to fly directly to Kokkola, check with www.finnair.com

Kaj Granlund
10-03-08, 18:33
there is also a coach connection direct from the Helsinki airport to Turku. And if you go to Lappajärvi the train from Helsinki to Bennäs or Kokkola can be used (train abt 4 h, depending on the train). From Turku to Lappajärvi the trainconnection is the only way to get to Bennäs or Kokkola.