View Full Version : Query on Passenger Record

08-03-08, 18:00
Please can you take a look at this passenger record for Evert Bolmqvist and tell me the possible reasons why his passage was paid by the 'State of Finland?'

I'm interested in him because Elli Jokinen is listed as a 'friend' and she is my cousin whom I have been searching for for years so I do need to follow through every little lead.

Many thanks!


11-03-08, 14:12
Anyone able to give any clues about this pleeeeease?
Much appreciated, thank you.

Karen Norwillo
11-03-08, 15:32
My understanding is if the person did not have the required passage fee, they could "borrow" it from the government. How many ever repaid this money is probably unknown. Finland had many years of hard times, so maybe it was cheaper to send the people to America than support them or watch them starve. Also, many returned to Finland later with new skills and money or helped support those back in Finland while they worked here. Karen

11-03-08, 16:06
Many thanks Karen. I was just wondering if that was going to be a clue to help me find Elli. Doesnt look like it :D