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Ingemar Ekman
09-03-08, 13:30
I was previous week to the royal library in Stockholm and took photos of the death columns and obituaries published in the newspaper ”Finska Amerikanaren” between 18 Jan 1917 to 26 July 1917. Most of the persons died in USA, but a few died in Finland and Karl Irenius Krokfors in Argentina. In several cases both death columns and obituaries were published and it is possible I have recorded some persons twice in the list below.
The list contains the birth year if stated or the estimated year from the age and the birthplace in Finland if not otherwise is stated.

Anderson Albert 1892 Kolko Iniö
Anderson Alfred 1884 Dalsland Sweden
Anderson Carl Oskar 1873 Övermark
Anderson Edla Maria 1882 Bertby Vörå
Anderson Karl Delbert 1916 Leadville CO
Anderson Klara Sofia1861 Finnby Närpes
Anderson Nestor 1864 Östermark
Andersson Karl Oskar 1873 Öfvermark
Aulin Susanna 1867 Nykarleby?
Back Ragnar Theodor 1904 Norra Helsingby
Backlund b Staffans John 1862 Sundom Solf
Backman John 1878 Tuckor Vörå
Beck August Einar 1896 Vasa
Beckelund Charley 1851 Lappfjärd
Berg John 1885 Öfverby Malaks
Bergstadi Gustaf Fredrik 1839 Nurmijärvi
Berts b. Fant Ida Elisabet 1891 Petsmo Kveflaks
Blomqvist b. Lindgren Henrika 1858
Brunell Gustaf 1852 Storby Gamlakarleby
Carlson b. Jacobson Elsie Fanny 1888 Oscoda Mich
Carlson b. Sidbäck Mathilda 1890 Pörtom
Carlson Hans Henry 1869 Nämpnäs Närpes
Carlson John 1884 Lappfjärd
Carlson John 1886 Harrström Korsnäs
Carlson b. Johnson Mathilda 1890 Sidbeck Pörtom
Carson b. Jacobson Elsie Fanny 1889 Oscoda Mich
Dahl John 1881 Kveflaks
Ericson Matt 1884 Komossa by Oravais
Erikson Alfred 1880 Kovjoki Nykarleby
Erikson Stålberg John 1888 Österhankmo Kveflaks
Forsman Adrianson Albinus1897 Finby Närpes
Forsman Josef Anders 1870 Öfvermark
Geddvik Henning 1879 Sideby
Ginman Randolph 1913
Grönlund Carl Oskar 1883 Korsnäs
Gustafson Ernst Fredrick 1886 Gamlakarleby
Gustafson Helmi Lovisa 1879 Gamlakarleby
Hawkins Elsia Elsie 1913 Butte MO
Hawkins Gunnar August 1914 Selle Idaho
Henrikson Inge Elisabeth 1906 Conover Wis
Hill August 1887
Jacobson b. Joupers Jacob 1891 Kimo Oravais
Jafs Isakson Israel 1864 Öfver Sundom Solf
Janson Johan Artur 1891 Finström
Janson Johan Erik 1848 Tjärlax Närpes
Johnson b Sigfrids Ida Sofia 1880 Oravais
Johnson Henry 1891 Crystall Falls Mich.
Johnson Hildur Elvira 1914 Eureka UT
Johnson Matilda 1884 Saltvik
Kaino Matts 1869 Nedervetil
Klåvus Hendrickson Nicholas 1875 Lappfjärd
Krokfors Karl Irenius 1883 Vassor Kveflaks
Krus John 1872 Koskö Kveflaks
Liljeberg Doris Elisabeth 1908 Marshfield OR
Lundqvist Elmer August 1891 Dager Bäcken Sweden
Malmström Erik August 1873 Jomala
Mattson b Johnson Mary Ed 1870 Jeppo
Mattson b. Nylund Anna Emilia 1889 Pensala Munsala
Mattson Viktor 1886 Jeppo
Nordman August 1889 Malaks
Nyback Nels 1893 Vörå
Nylund Karl Johan 1856 Böle Närpes
Nyman Alexander 1880 Sundby Pedersöre
Nyman Charley 1881 Kantlax Munsala
Olin Samuel 1846 Ölis Maksmo
Paro Maria Lovisa 1878 Stafversby Mustasaari
Pörn Lennart Edvin 1917 Gardener Mass
Reeth Uno A. 1867 Martois Mustasaari
Rehnbeck Maria 1841 Lappfjärd
Romar Andersson Anders1861 Kovjoki Nykarleby
Sandberg Gustav 1876 Jutas Nykarleby
Sandberg Maria 1846 Stenbacka Jeppo
Sandås Erik Axel 1896 Jussila Munsala
Semell Matt 1882 Nedervetil
Sigg Johnson Ludvig 1896 Pjelaks Närpes
Sjöblom Alfred 1885 Kantlax Munsala
Sten Wilma 1883 Öfvermark
Store John 1852 Gamlakarleby
Ström Elsa Eleonor 1904 New York
Strömsnäs Johansdotter Anna Sofia 1843 Pedersöre
Westberg b. Kunell Johanna 1881 Kveflaks
Wilson Knus Johan Victor 1872 Lappfjärd
Öling Erik 1891 Ölis Maksmo

All the photos as jpg files will be given to the SFHS archive, several of the photos are unfortunately not with good quality but readable.
/ Ingemar

02-08-10, 04:42
Thank you for your post. I found my grandfather Wilson Knus Johan Victor 1872 Lappfjärd. My sisters and I went to Findland in June 2010 as my cousin on my grandmother (Johan's wife, Vilhelmina) found us. We only just found his grave in Worcester, Ma. after returning from Finland... Do you know of other means to find out more on the people in your post?

Ingemar Ekman
08-08-10, 19:47
I have been 4 weeks at my cottage and have not been able to reply earlier. Extract of the death column, translated from Swedish for Johan Victor Wilson Knus:
He died 17 January 1917 in Belmont hospital after 1 year of suffering from a lung disease. He was born 19 Dec 1872 in Lappfjärd and arrived 24 years ago to USA. He left behind his wife, two daughters and a son, parents, two brothers and a sister in Finland and a brother here in the city. Signed by Mrs Wilhelmina Wilson and the children, 30 Birch St. Worcester Mass 7 Febr 1917.
I will be happy to send a photo as jpg-file direct to you of the death column in Swedish if you want,
Best regards,