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10-03-08, 02:41
My great grandfather, Karl Henrik Karlss Soderback, b.Jan 7, 1867 in Overmark, and his father were masons. My grandmother told that her father and grand father built the stone wall for the church in Overmark. I was told that my Soderback ancestors are from Farm No. 2 Soderback in Overmark. I have a copy of the book Overmark Historia, but read Swedish laboriously with the dictionary. The book describes how the farm was surveyed. But I don't have any more history on that farm, and whether the name changed at some later time. If the farm was still in the family, I assume my great-great grandfather was not the first son, or he was both a farmer and a mason? My great grandfather was married to Kajsa Stina Hogmark.
I have found on HisKi that there were Soderback farms in other parishes as well. But without the names of my great grandfather's parents (other than his father's name was Karl) I am at a loss. Does anyone have information?
Suzanne, Woodbury, CT