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03-09-03, 20:28
Hello all !
I´m searcing for ancestors to ANDERS Mattsson VARG-SMEDS born around 1705 and died 1 aug. 1772 in Karby Smeds and SUSANNA Mattsdotter FORS died 22.1.1738 at Karby Smeds.:confused: They have 6 children ,but I have descendants only to my own branch from SMEDS MATTS Andersson born 4.1.1731 at Smeds.If anybody have information about the other i´m also greatful for that. Thank you at forehand .Bert Lindvall

13-11-03, 00:07
Hi Bert,
I was checking at Swenson here for somebody else in the swedish lutheran church in Butte, Montana when I came across the Smeds name and info below. Very probably not yours but who can tell:)
Johan August [Johanson Smeds] Smith
Parish: Smedsby By Finland
Born: March 30, 1883
Baptized: -
Confirmed: -
Arrived in America 1902
Notes: asked to be dropped, refused to contribute, dropped by board 1929.

Chuck Maki in Rock Island

Gita Wiklund
13-11-03, 09:21
Originally posted by granskare
Notes: asked to be dropped, refused to contribute, dropped by board 1929.

Hi Chuck!
I´m sorry to interfere here, but my curiosity is killing me - what does the above note mean? dropped :confused:


13-11-03, 17:41
Hi Gita,
I checked my Webster's [slang for dictionary] and found the term is #8 on the list of transitive verb definitions for the term "drop". It is given as "8. to dismiss, have done with."
So, this guy wanted to be removed from the church membership list and the board acceded to his wishes.

Gita Wiklund
13-11-03, 18:01
Okey, that makes sense. Thanks Chuck!


13-11-03, 18:14
During the 19th century, Lutheran churches in Scandinavia "dropped" members who professed to be Baptists, or other religions outside the State church. Early on, they were also subject to prosecution. Which is why Nelson headed to the US with a small congregation, so they could practice their religion in peace.
In today's Lutheran church in US, a member is dropped if they haven't taken communion in two years. In the past, they could also be dropped, by congregational action, for not contributing financially. That was back in the 1940's and 50's. That was "dropp"ed within the last decade. And I don't know when the policy was instituted. The bishops at the very top of the heirarchy make proposals which are then voted on by representatives sent to national conferences.

It would be interesting to know what the policies where during the 19th century. Does anyone out there know someone like Bishop Michael Meier in the ELCA? (He was instrumental in assisting Maria Enckell in getting the Sitka Lutheran Altarpainting returned by the Russian Orthodox Church about 9 years ago.)


20-12-03, 06:29

I have a book that I received from a Great Aunt, Elisabeth Karlson, nee Liljeström, entitled Smeds i Soklot. It was written by Oskar Fors in 1968, and was based on the work by Dr. Wold Backman in 1932.

The first entry in the book is Matts Smeds and Hustrun Susanna.

Oskar Fors was a teacher in Nykarleby. His son, Tor Fors picked up the family search, and published a booklet each year entitled the "Smedsbladet". It was a chronicle of new arrivals, marriages,etc that occurred in the family during the year. Tor published the book for 25 years. I only have copies of Nr. 17 - 25.

I have the e-mail address for Tor Fors who now lives in Sweden if you have further interest.


Bruce Muller

20-12-03, 11:39
Hello Bruce !
Thank you for your reply.If you have the mail adress for Tor Fors I´m really glad to send him some questions about our family.I have some of this issue of Smeds-bladet but not all of them.I have try to get som of the earlier issues but they have not print new publish of them yet.
BR Bert Lindvall

20-12-03, 20:53
Hej Bert!

The e-mail address for Tor Fors is Tor.Fors%40Tele2.se. My småkusin (syssling) Fredrik Liljeström also has a website, www.nykarlebyvyer.nu. Fredrik had to change his e-mail address due to a spam problem, but you can contact him through the website. Fredrik collects old postards from Nykarleby. The postcard on the home page is a copy of a card that my Grandmother sent to her older sister in America around 1896. It was contributed my småkusin David Balton.



21-12-03, 00:13
Thank you for your support.I have read the Nykarlebyvyer.nu .it´s great .I have get a reply from him to when I write some words in the guestbook.I have live in Nykarleby some years in the late 60 and early 70.My grandmother lives in Nykarleby to he´s dead with her second husband Edvard Granholm .When Edvard Died she moved first to a apartment and after that to Hagalund, a home for retired and elderly people.When I lived in Nykarleby I work at Prevex .After we moved to Jakobstad I work at KWH .I´m electrician and work now at Esse Elektro-Kraft,a water power plant with 3 water turbins in Esse and own a part in the Katternö group in Pedersöre.
BR Bert Lindvall

22-12-03, 01:06
I visited Nykarleby in 1996. When I lived in Brooklyn NY in the 1940's -50's, there was a picture on Mormor's wall of serfs pulling a boat on a canal. Under the picture was the name "Nykarleby". I now wish that I had asked my grandparents more about the area, and why they emigrated to America.

While some of my relatives have said that he came because he thought that he could do better, in his papers was his lottery number for the Russian army in the 1901 lottery. He left in 1902 arriving in America on June 1. I don't know if he knew that Mormor was pregnant at the time that he left. Morbror was born in Nykarleby and did not see his father until 1907 when Mormor came to Brooklyn NY.

I am retired from Raytheon Co, Missile Systems division. I was Director of Telecommunications for the division.

We currently live in Western Michigan which is similar to the west coast of Finland, but we have no "skär". I do a little carpenter work. I am trying to finish the house that I started when I retired in 1998. Unfortunately I fell off a ladder last March, fell about 4 meters, and broke my leg at the ankle. It is slow healing, but doing well. This spring I have promised min hustru that I will finish her kitchen cabinets.