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June Pelo
10-03-08, 21:43
In his book "10115 Berlin" FinlandsSwedish historian Nils-Erik Forsgård sketches an interesting personal portrait of Berlin that was an intense point in Europe's modern history. In my 2005 review I wrote that Berlin "is very reflective of our own life."

The same could be said of the object of Forsgård's new undertaking, namely the USA. The United States influence is known in our world and what people there think also influences us. The title of Forsgård's new book is "Heartlands. Notes from travels through the USA". Heartlands is what Americans call the midwest and it is a part of that big country that in some respects is the most American. The attitude there has been experienced by many visitors and perhaps intimidated them, too.

More about this book can be read in a review by Sten-Erik Abrahamsson in Norden Newspaper, 21 Feb 2008, attached.