View Full Version : Sylvester Ahola, jazz musician, b. 1902 in Gloucester MA

11-03-08, 13:59
I was watching the British Jeeves and Wooster tv serial on DVD (based on the books of PG Wodehouse and very very funny) and happened to notice Bertie Wooster checking up a record īThe Better Landī by Sylvester Ahola, cornet solo with orchestra. Because the name is so clearly Finnish, I checked him up on Google and Ancestry.com and found quite a bit of information on him. It looks like he was born 24.5.1902 in Gloucester MA of Finnish parents, became quite a well known jazz musician, especially in England and died 13.2.1995 in Gloucester. His wife was Saima, b.21.6.1904 in Gloucester.
I wonder if anyone knows where his parents come from? I cannot identify them from the Institute of Migration files or from US passenger lists. From the 1900 and 1910 census it looks like they are John Ahola, a milkman, b.Dec 1867 in Finland, emigrated 1891-92 and Sophia S, b.Jan 1867 in Finland, emigrated 1894-955 The other children are Selma A, b.Dec 1891 in Finland and Ilmar or Johan b. Nov 1897 in Massachusetts.
As far as know, this family has no connection to mine, this is just of idle curiosity.