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12-03-08, 01:30
My grandmother was Maria Sofia Antintytär Pajunpää (born 16 Oct 1877; Lohtaja, Finland).
Her parents: Antti Juhonpoika Pajunpää (born 1843; Finland) and
Liisa Matintytär Roukala (born 7 SEP 1838; Finland).
Her brothers: Juho Alfred Antinpoika Pajunpää (born 13 FEB 1865; Finland) and William A. Pajunpää (born 6 MAY 1883; Michigan).
Family emegrated to Allouez, Keweenaw County, Michigan between 1880-83.
Maria Sofia Antintytär Pajunpää married Anton Fridthjof Winquist on 27 FEB 1897 in Allouez, Keweenaw County, Michgan.
Antti Juhonpoika Pajunpää assumed the name Andrew Johnson; Juho Alfred Antinpoika Pajunpää assumed the name John Anderson; William A. Pajunpää assumed the name William Johnson.
If anyone has any information on this family's ancestors in Finland, please contact me.

Karen Norwillo
12-03-08, 17:30
Do you have access to Ancestry.com? There is an extensive Pajunpää family tree by someone in Livonia, MI. I will send you her email address via PM.
LDS has Anton Fridolf Vinquist born 1871 in Norway to John Vinquist and Mary Klass. Mary Klass is listed as born in Finland. They have the marriage of Anton and Mary Bauimpa, obvious misspelling, 21 Feb 1897 in Allouez, Keweenaw, MI.
On Hiski, I found many Pajunpää and Roukala in Lohtaja and many Roukala in neighboring Himanka/Himango. There are 3 Antti Juhonpoika's born 1843 in Lohtaja, one can be excluded as he died at birth. None born Pajunpää farm.
Hope this little bit helps. Karen

13-03-08, 00:49
I do have access to Ancestry.com. The Livonia Pajunpää family tree doesn't connect with my family as far as I can tell.
The Anton Fridolf Vinquist born 1871 in Norway you quote is my grandfather. I have his birth records from Vadsø, Finnmark County, Norway. His family is listed in the 1875 Norwegian Census and lists the parents John and Mary as coming from Kelvio, Finland. The mis-spelled Mary Bauimpa comes right out of the Keweenaw County marriage records.
Thank you for the clue on the many Roukala's in neighboring Himanka/Himango. Hopefully I will be able to pinpoint one of the Antti Juhonpoika's born 1843 in Lohtaja as my great-grandfather. I appreciate your suggestions and help. Thank you!