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12-03-08, 19:05
I found a searchable site for War Deaths from 1914-1922. Sorry I am not computer savvy enough to post the link. If someone could "GOOGLE" suomen sotasurmat 1914-1920 and post the link it may be helpful to someone.

thanks in advance brian timper

Karen Norwillo
12-03-08, 19:23
I've used this site in the past. It's possible it can be found here in an old post.

Karen Norwillo
12-03-08, 19:40
I found this link and it works. I saved it to my "favorites."

12-03-08, 21:00
Did you mean this database
and this

Christina Nordback

Karen Norwillo
13-03-08, 01:46
Thanks, Christina. I had looked at the second one of your links which has WWII dead, A cousin from Esse is one that one. The first one looks like WWI era. I found someone on there too. I'll have to enter more family names and then figure out their relationship. Looks like the one I found were all from one area. Karen

13-03-08, 03:48
Thanks for posting the links.

Brian Timper