View Full Version : Man traces roots to the Mayflower

June Pelo
18-03-08, 19:20
Just read an article about a Donald Burton, age 84, of Flint, MI who traced his roots back 12 generations to his 10th great grandfather Francis Eaton who sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 and landed in Plymouth, MA. He was one of 102 passengers who sailed for 66 days from England to America. He signed on as a 24-year old carpenter. Burton said it took him 18 months to complete his research and as a result he has been accepted as one of 27,000 members of The Mayflower Society; there are 600 members in Michigan. He said his research went better because his mother had given him a paper with names which helped him put together the birth, death and marriages of deceased relatives in Michigan, Ohio, Vermont, New York, Minnesota and Massachusetts.