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19-03-08, 19:27
Hello everyone!

I heard from one of my second cousins that my great aunt would tell her grandchildren that our great x7th grandfather, Joachim Brander was a servant on a rich Dutch man's ship and when it was docked in Pori harbour he escaped with the help of a farmer's daughter with whom he had fallen in love
She apparently hid him until the ship left. This was in the mid 1600's sometime.

Now, I know how stories handed down can change over the generations but is there anywhere I can go or write to in order to see if there is any truth in it? Or anything I can read/study about it? I have the first 2 pages of the Brander family history and Joachim is the first Brander listed but it doesn't say where he was from.

So, I was just wondering if there is any way of finding anything out or should I just let it rest as it is so far back we may never know?
Many thanks!


Jaska Sarell
19-03-08, 21:23
There was an article in Genos (http://www.genealogia.fi/genos/18/18_25.htm) in 1947, that does not mention any such story!

The main result in that research article says that Joachim Brander (b. 1672) was a son of tailor in Turku, Joakim Bandeman of German origin (buried in Turku 1.8.1680) and his 2nd wife Maria Grön (marriage 1671-75), widow of Erik Lietzen.

:) Jaska

19-03-08, 21:44
Thank you for the link Jaska, I will get my mum to read it because my Finnish is simply not good enough :)))

I am a little confused now though because my Joachim Brander was married to Kristina Paulinus. The dates seem a little off too. I never heard of Maria either :confused:

I would love to go back in time for a day, get all the answers then come back!

Ayla ;)