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K-G Molander
22-03-08, 18:13
I have a question.

Is there any member of Finlander forum living in Lake Charles, Louisiana? Who would be willing to take pictures of two gravestones for me.

I have tried to obtain death certificates for two of my families in my genealogy. But, not being an immediate relative they will not send me any.

So, I hope maybe I could obtain at least gravestone pictures.
The cemetery is "Big Woods Cemetery" in Edgerly, Calcasieu, Louisiana. About 10-15 miles outside Lake Charles.

Below are the names listed in bold letters:

BERRY, E. A. "Augie" 27 Mar 1888 - 19 Dec 1961 H/o Iley MOLANDER BERRY. Matching headstones.
BERRY, Iley MOLANDER 24 Jun 1899 - 23 Mar 1970 W/o E A BERRY

PERKINS, Hilda Molander 14 Mar 1910 - 28 July 1991 Next to Ras PERKINS.
PERKINS, Ras 22 Dec 1907 - 20 Oct 1966 Next to Hilda Molander PERKINS

Karen Norwillo
22-03-08, 20:44
If you Google RAOGK Louisiana, there are 4 people willing to take tombstone photos in the county of Calcasieu. Usually they only ask for mailing expenses. I do see one of the names will take digital pictures, as they probably all will. As you have such detailed info, it shouldn't be a hard request. If you have any problem finding the site, I will be happy to request for you. Karen

K-G Molander
23-03-08, 01:18
Thank You!

I did follow your advise and send my request through "RAOGK Louisiana" at http://www.raogk.com/listing.htm.