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23-03-08, 23:03
I have been researching my family tree in Finland. We have a relative Isak Holkko who married Hedvig and they immigrated to the US in 1899 to Crystal Falls, Michigan. A family researcher told me that there is a Hulkko family living on the farm where Isak was born.

I do not know Isak’s parents’ names and hope to find that information soon. I am thinking since a Hulkko is at the same farm with the same last name that there is a relationship. I am contacting them by snail mail.

Below is some of the information I do have on Isak and his wife Hedvig.

Isak Holkko (spellings in the US records Isaac Hulko Holke Hulka)
d.o.b. abt. 1874 in Jalasjärvi Finland
immigration info:

Isak Hulkko, 25 years, from Jalasjärvi
travelling from Kristiinankaupunki on Arcturus 5.8.1899. Ship from England
Cunard Line, destination Crystal Falls MI. He is travelling with Hedvig
Hulkko. Hedvig is 19 years arriving in Boston on Catalonia Aug 1899. They are travelling as husband and wife and going to Salomon (on the record Salmon) Larvala, Box 336, Crystal Falls MI.

Hedvig (Hetta Sophia Hulkko no know maiden name)
d.o.b. 13 Nov 1879 in Jalasjärvi Finland

If anyone can help me fill in any pieces of Isak's family that would be wonderful.

24-03-08, 08:20

Welcome to Finlander! Glad you found your way here. I´m sure we would all like to see a short introduction of yourself on the Forum, too!

I am not sure if you have access to Ancestry which is why I´m posting here the censuses and manifest I mentioned earlier (I don´t want everyone else to start looking for something that has been found already) Let´s just hope I will be able to attach the images :-)


Karen Norwillo
24-03-08, 14:34
At the bottom of the 1920 census is my uncle Jack Wierikko and family. My grandparents, father's side, and my mother's parents would have been on neighboring farms. They were close neighbors. I was born in Crystal Falls. Karen

Karen Norwillo
24-03-08, 14:47
Samuel, Rudolph, Arthur and an Agnes Hulko are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Crystal Falls. No Isak or Edla, as I see she used in the US.

Karen Norwillo
24-03-08, 21:11
In looking for the Diamond Drill obituary index on the Iron County GenWeb, there are obits for Hjalmer, Sam and two Isaac Hulko. One is found in the Feb 19, 1953 edition, page 8 and the other Sept 8, 1955 edition, page 2. Hjalmer's is found Feb 20, 1974, pg 2 and Sam's Sep 7, 1994, pg 6A. You can request copies of the obits from the Harbour House Museum in Crystal Falls which has a huge archive of the Diamond Drill, which was the newspaper in Crystal Falls. It's possible that one of the Isaac is yours.
Found many of your Hulko children in the MI Death Index.
Hjalmer J Hulko 3 Jun 1906-15 Feb 1974.
Rudolph R Hulko 28 Nov 1920-19 Jan 2000 in Sagola, Dickinson, MI. Agnes E Hulko 17 Mar 1922-31 Dec 1995. They, along with a Sam Hulko are buried in Evergreen Memorial Cemetery in Crystal Falls in section 10, lot 228.
Samuel F Hulko 10 Jun 1911-3 Sep 1994 in Sagola, Dickinson.
Arthur Hulko 18 Oct 1916-22 Nov 1974. He is buried in the military section 3L
Row 5, Grave 3.
Karllos Everett or Everette Karllos Hulko 21 Jul 1924-11 Oct 2000. Sec 10 474.
He was a Tec 5, US Army WWII.
Isaac Hulko's WWI Draft Reg from Crystal Falls says born Dec 1872, wife Sophia Hulko. He was 45.
Hope some of this helps. Karen

Karen Norwillo
24-03-08, 21:24
The Iron County Naturalization Index has an Isaac Hulko filing first papers Volume 11, Page 340. I didn't see second papers listed. There is a form to request copies. I just received mine that I requested just 12 days ago. I received my paternal grandfather and maternal great-grandfather in the same mailing. Cost is 15.00 per name. This covers 1st and 2nd papers if found.

25-03-08, 00:05
I located the #3 Hulko farm, located in Keskikylä village,Jalasjärvi Parish in the 1880 Tax census for Jalasjärvi. It only lists those individuals of tax-paying age usually age 15+. The 1880 list the birthyears, example "45" = "1845".
The farm is located on the bottom page on this link and continued on next page
I noticed a few individuals on this farm with the patronymical name of "Isaksson"
i wonder if these maybe your Isaac's father or uncles? Maybe unrelated?


Best regards!
John Dotson Kotila

25-03-08, 00:41
Here is a link to an old map of Jalasjärvi Parish, notice Hulko farm , below and to the right of KESKIKYLA


Best Regards!

25-03-08, 01:35
In the 1930 Census above is my great grandmother Toini Rambacka (Granbacka), her second husband Matt, and children Lilian, Helvi and Tauno. How fun to see they were neighbors of your Hulkko family! :D And also the Mattson family who are also relatives!

Welcome to Finlander!

Best Regards,

25-03-08, 01:54
I found your Iisakki Hulkko mentioned in the book "History of the Finns in Michigan", author Armas K.E. Holmio on page 142, which I have attached.


25-03-08, 02:14
I found a link for the book online, History of the Finns in Michigan.


Denise :)

P.S. Also noticed his given name was Lisakki; maybe that will make a difference in your search.

25-03-08, 03:47
Thanks so much for all the information you have dug up! It's so greatly appreciated! This is so exciting and fun. I get stuck and discouraged, but you've renewed my enthusiasm.

I started my family tree when my son was inn 3rd grade. He had to do a simple family tree and naturally mom had to help. It was fun and I started digging some. Since I was a single parent working 50-60 hours a week I didn't have a lot of time to "dig". So I would do a little here and there. My family has been very helpful, wish I would have started when more of the older generation was around and younger.

My family came from Finland, Sweden Norway, Belgium and Luxembourg. So I have many different branches and try to get information on every twig. :)

I was born in Iron River Michigan (next to Crystal Falls) and moved to Wisconsin in 1968 where I've lived since.

I have actually visited all 5 countries as well as a few others. Hopefully one day I'll get back again.


25-03-08, 14:31
Swenson S 27-3 =Michigan, Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)
church page/hw=hus./wife given surname birth parish emigrated
S 27-3 18h Isak Hulkko 1874 Jalasjärvi 1899
S 27-3 18w Hedda Sofia Nov 13 1879 Jalasjärvi 1899

this shows the names as they were spelled at the church and no surname for Hedda so no help there.
Seems these are your ppl.

Karen Norwillo
25-03-08, 19:53
I have a copy of The History of the Finns in Michigan, which I bought when I first started my research. It's a good book with many pictures and facts. The John Vierikko mentioned is the father of my uncle Jack and Aunt Lena. Spelling changed to Wierikko. Karen

25-03-08, 23:32
Hi granskare

thanks for the information. Yes it does sound like my people. You are a great help. Jane

Karen Norwillo
26-03-08, 17:17
Looks like we have another tie, my uncle Frank Westerlund had as a witness to his Petition For Naturalization a Samuel Hulko. Frank married my father's sister Celia. Small world. Karen

15-12-08, 11:03
Hello everyone. I did some research on my family very recently. I found out the following:

- my own greatgrandfather was Mikki Holkko (changed to Mikko Hulkko, he is buried in Helsinki). Mikki is kind of a Finnish version of Michel, the name his grandfather had (see further below). Mikko was born in Jalasjarvi on October 15, 1881 and married to Lempi Sivia Pohjola. They had 7 children and one of them is my grandfather.

- Mikki had 8 sibblings. They were Maria Lovisa; Helena; Emanuel; Hedvig Sofia; Salomon Valentiini; Edla Olivia; Hilma and Mathias

- so Hedvig Sofia is actually a Holkko. She married Iisakki, who took the Holkko name. Iisakki's own name was Niemela. My info says that Hedviq was born on January 15, 1877 and she married Iisak Nikolai Niemela on July 2, 1897. It also says that they went to the US, but there is no year. They have two children: Emilia Elvira (born May 27, 1898) and Valde Anshelm (September 2, 1900). Hedvig Sofia remarried later and have further children from that marriage.

- in addition to Hedvig Sofia, also Salomon Valentiini and Edla Olivia moved to the US. Salomon in 1907 and Edla in 1910.

- the father of the 9 children was Valentin Mikinpoika Holkko, born march 8, 1843 in Jalasjarvi. He was married to Leena Serafia Joonaantytar, born February 7, 1850.

- the father of Valentin Mikinpoika Holkko was Michel Henricinpoika Tammela. I don't have any further information yet, but it seems that the name changed from Tammela to Holkko at this point.

I would be very interested in finding out more about by relatives in the US. I know I have some relatives living in Florida, but that is it.

Thank you

Karen Norwillo
15-12-08, 16:34
I found a 1911 arrival for an Edla Hulkko. Also a Anselm Hulkko from Jalasjärvi. Could Salomon be Anselm? I found no Salomon. If it is him, he worked for Bethlehem Steel in Sparrows Point, near Baltimore, in MD. in the 1940's. It says he was married with children on his WWI Draft Reg. Card. He's in Clarksburg, WV 1917. Attached are documents. In 1930, he was a border, married, in Baltimore. Lots of men worked in the mills, stayed in boarding houses and went home on weekends or days off, families lived elsewhere.

Karen Norwillo
15-12-08, 16:52
Here's Anselm and Mary Hulkko in Coal, WV in 1920 with sons Henry abt 1915 and Frank abt 1918. I can't find them later, as yet. Karen

Karen Norwillo
15-12-08, 20:44
I did find Salomon Hulkko's arrival in 1907 on the Teutonic from Liverpool, arrived NY 31 Jan 1907. Says he's going to Brother-in-law Isak Hulkko in Amasa, MI. There is no Salomon Hulkko found in 1910 in MI, but there is a Samuel Hullaka sp? as a border with Isak and Sofia. I'm not sure that's him.
Isak and Heta Sofia Hulkko are buried in Hematite Township Cemetery in Amasa. The Samuel Hulkko buried in Evergreen has the wrong middle initial if it's Salomon. Heta Sofia born 13 Nov 1879, died 14 Feb 1953. No dates for Isaac. Hjalmer J 1906-1974, Marion 1903-1959 OSS (don't know what that is) Martha 1908-1984. These are all the Hulkkos in Hematite.
If the Anselm Hulkko I found in WV and MD is him, he married Maria Serafira Grondahl on 7 Nov 1914 in Harrion county, WV. Says father Frans Isakki Hulkko, mother Sofira Hulkko. Heikki Olavi Hulkko was born 28 Mar 1915 in Clarksburg, Harrison, WV to these parents. Aili J Hulkko was born 17 Jul 1920, same parents. Frank Hulkko born 6 Mr 1918 Harrison, WV, same parents. From WV Births 1853-1970.

16-12-08, 02:00
Samuel, Sophia, Salomon, Hiljamer these people in Iron County MI, Crystal Falls, Amasa, Hematite these are all my relatives. I am not as of yet finding any connection with Mikko Hulkko's info. There is a possibility there is a connection somewhere, but the info I have from the Jalasjarvi parish doesn't match up. We need to compare notes more. The names and birth dates don't agree. It would be fun to find a match, someone is probably connected if even further back.


16-12-08, 04:50
Hedvig Sofia was born on 13/11/1879 and was the wife of Isaac (Iisak) Hulkko Maki (sorry I don't have the Finnish lettering). They went to the USA 28/7/1899.

Salomon Holkko married Anna Maria Malakiaantytar had these children (13)

Hedvig Sofia
Maria Katariina
Salomon Felix Holkko
Valentin Malakia Holkko
Tuomas Vikto
Hilja Emilia
Juho Jaakko
Arvid Villiam
Lydia Elviira
Tyyne Aliina
Aili Annikka

I have birthdates, spouses and deaths as well as children. The info I received from the parish in Jalasjarvi. Would there be more than one parish? Certainly can be more than one family, I haven't gotten anything earlier than Salomon born in 1858. Looks like I have to get digging into more records - earlier.

From what I see from Mikko there doesn't seem to be a connection. Some names similar but details don't match up and both are from the parish so they should match and should be a lot of people with children that will match if it's indeed the same family. That would be awesome.


Karen Norwillo
16-12-08, 16:07
I'm confused. You say the Heta Sofia in Hematite Cemetery isn't a match. It's a perfect match, 13/11/1879 is 13 Nov 1879. Amasa is right next to Crystal Falls, just a few miles away.Or are you saying this is your family, but you can't tie it to Mikko? Karen

16-12-08, 23:41
Yes you're right it is perfect match, what I mean is it doesn't match with dates Mikko has in their family info. I'm thinking there has to be a different family or someone is getting wrong information from the parish.