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24-03-08, 15:01
Easter greetings to you all! Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

Just a quickie from me today, (yes, I know it makes a change :D )

Please can you tell me if the surname SOROLA is a Finnish one?
No searches or anything need to be done, I am just interested in finding out if it is a Finnish name or not because I am finding a lot of references to Mexico.

Many thanks

24-03-08, 15:04
oh, :o just found out it is a place in Finland.
could it also be used as a surname then?

Kaj Granlund
24-03-08, 15:48
Oh Yes. Can be used as a familyname

Jaska Sarell
24-03-08, 16:33

You may check that at the Finnish Population Register Center (http://www.vaestorekisterikeskus.fi/vrk/home.nsf/pages/index_eng) site.
> Name service > Surname search

:) Jaska

24-03-08, 17:28

On the Genealogical Society of Finland's website you can find a list of Finnish family names:

On left side of page, click "Personal Names"
On Right side of page find "Indexes of Family Names", click "Sukunimet" (book of Finnish Family names)

Best Regards!
John Dotson Kotila

24-03-08, 17:32
Lovely! Thank you for that!
I think I can now stick to the possibility that my great aunt married a Finn with the name of Sorola and not a Mexican with the name of Sorola!
Phew! Thank God for that! I think that will make things much easier for me!
:D :D