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27-03-08, 01:43
Born in 1620,a Chaplain died in 1697 in Kemijiarvi. His body was mumified and laid to rest under the floor, in the Church. He was know for his work of converting Laplanders to Christianity. Married to Anna Hunnuntytar born 1637. They had three children Esaias Fellman b. 1675, Susanna Esaiasdaughter Fellman, and Maria Esaiasdaughter Fellman all born in Kemijiarvi, Finland. His father was Mansuetus Jacobi Fellman. I would love to have a picture of the church and any information. I know that their is information on google, however, I do not speak Swedish or Finnish. Barbara

Karen Norwillo
27-03-08, 17:42
I will be going to Finland end of May. My great-grandmother is buried in the cemetery of the church in Kemijärvi. I plan to stop on my way to Salla to visit cousins. If I do, I will gladly take a picture of the church for you.

27-03-08, 19:06
Hello Barbara
I think you can find a picture of Kemijärvi church at this page, and It's in english.

28-03-08, 01:24
Thank you so much I would love to have a picture if you stop by the church. Thank you for your help. Barbara McKenna

28-03-08, 01:28
Hi KarenH. Thank you for the website. What beautiful churches! Thank you for your help.
Barbara Sten Mckenna

Karen Norwillo
03-06-08, 20:34
I have a brochure for you from the church and also a postcard showing the altar. I took photos inside the church and will send them to you. PM me with your address.
From the brochure, which gives a history of the stages of the church; The church was actually 4 different churches built between 1648-1950. The first two, built on the same site, served from 1648-1694 and 1694-1872. Esias Fellman the elder served as 2nd chaplain and was called "the Apostle of the Lapps" He served for 36 years and was buried under the church in 1697. His son, Esias the younger, served for 40 years. He started the church register in 1698. The oldest chasuble, vestment, from 1724, is from his time. The Fillman family served for about 100 years, ending with Nils Fellman in 1764. The 3rd church, 1872-1944, was destroyed in the war in Lapland. The 4th and present church is on the site of the 3rd. It celebrated it's first service Advent of 1950. So Esias the elder was buried under the 2nd church, but I don't know where that site was. It doesn't say. Just says 1 and 2 were on the same site and 3 and 4 on the same. Karen

03-06-08, 21:50

This is an "artistic" video, and doesn't contain the beauty of the area. Still, it is an interesting video to watch.

You don't need to understand Finnish to understand the tone of the music.

This link is a nice Saami Tango http://www.truveo.com/Lapin-Tango-Kuvia-Levilt%C3%A4/id/3740364328

Karen Norwillo
04-06-08, 01:56
The Saami exhibit at the Arktikum plays their ethnic music and it's just beautiful and "infectious." The native dress is awesome. I must find a copy of the music. Karen

04-06-08, 04:22
Thank you I really enjoyed seeing this!! Barb

04-06-08, 07:23
The Saami exhibit at the Arktikum plays their ethnic music and it's just beautiful and "infectious." The native dress is awesome. I must find a copy of the music. Karen

Hej you all,

Check out this link, most (but NOT all) are very representative of the sounds of the far north.

You will either hear the sounds of the Saami, or maybe the North American "natives" or perhaps the sounds of the Persians.

Decide for yourself, because in the end, we are all ONE people.


Karen Norwillo
05-06-08, 16:21
I found the first two churches were built at Kuumaniemi, Kemijärvi. So I would take it that's where Esaias the younger was buried. Not unless they moved him when the next church was built. There is no mention of that. I'm getting the pictures ready to send to you. Karen

06-06-08, 17:54
Hi Karen, Thank you for all your help. Barbara