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Terry Reigel
01-04-08, 20:54
I'm returning to my Finnish ancestors after being pre-occupied with other lines for a while. :) I'm trying make use of the HisKi database and am unable to find some entries I'd expect to be there. Specifically...

Some helpful members of this forum have supplied be with birth information for my great-grandmother, Matilda Henriksdotter Påvals, and her siblings, all born at Påvals between 1891 and 1903. I can find none of them in the Hiski database.

I do find entires for earlier generations at Påvals in the Pedersöre parish records. As I read the status page, the christening, marriage, and burial records for Pedersöre are all supposed to be competely transcribed, and the christening records cover 1722-1905, which should include the people I'm looking for.

Was Påvals no longer in Pedersöre parish by this time? I don't find them in a general search either, but many other parishs are not complete. Are some of the records just missing? Anyone have any ideas?


Terry Reigel

Jaska Sarell
01-04-08, 21:49
Hi Terry,

The parish of Esse (fi Ähtävä) was established in 1736 of villages Ytteresse, Överesse and Lappfors (to be precise, two farms of Ytteresse, Öst and Ingers, remained in Pedersöre).
Esse parish is where the record keeping was continued. Not so much available in HisKi database though :(

I have collected quite a lot of descendants of Henrik Christersson Tarvonen-Påvals and Margeta Hansdotter Påvals - both known sons Christer and Erik are my ancestors, Erik in the pure paternal line.
Please ask me privately whatever you like to know. I just may have the answer :cool:

BTW. Thanks for your recent email!

:) Jaska

Terry Reigel
03-04-08, 01:25
Thanks, Jaska.

You have previously provided me with much helpful information. I was exploring the HisKi database to see what I could learn on my own.

It makes sense the that the children of Henrik Jacobsson Påfvals and Beata Maria Johandotter Blässar (b. 1849-1867) don't appear if Påfvals was not part of Pedersöre after 1736. Christening records for Esse - Ähtävä are not in the database for that time. I was confused because their marriage is listed, but perhaps that's because she was from Blässar?

I'll contact you privately to explore this family further. Thanks.


Kaj Granlund
18-06-08, 08:03
If Jaska do not have the information I can probably help you too