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02-04-08, 14:29
As you may have noticed we have just changed the Foreign Minister of Finland. The new Minister is Alexander Stubb, with ancestors from Esse.

Could anyone present his paternal line back to Esse?


Jaska Sarell
02-04-08, 17:56
Google gave an outdated link to a story "Sukukertomusta Stubbeista Käkisalmessa ja Viipurissa" by his uncle Holger. From the cache the following can be found behind his father Göran Stubb b.1935 in Käkisalmi:
FF: Wolmar Stubb
FM: Marita Breitenstein, b. 1911 in Viipuri
FFF: Jacob Stubb (1863-1942)
FFM: Ida Varo, from Laihia
FMF: Bruno Breitenstein (1880-1958)
FMM: Laelia Buttenhoff (1887-1959)
FFFF: Johan Stubb (1838-1911)
FFFM: Anna

Johan and Anna Stubb moved from Esse to Riihimäki in 1860's.

From my data I'd connect them to Johan Jakobsson Stubb b. 01.07.1838, married 14.10.1860 in Esse with Anna Mattsdotter Mattbäck b. 06.05.1840. Children born in Esse: Anders 23.03.1861, Jakob 17.10.1863 and Anna Lisa 16.03.1865

Seems that he's my 6th cousin :cool:

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
02-04-08, 18:13
I have many Stubb names in my family tree starting in 1570. My 6th, 7th ,8th9th and 10th greatgrandfathers are Stubb on my father's mother's side. Hans Carlsson Stubb-Flink in Esse 1701, Carl Påhlsson Stubb in Esse 1672, Påhl Hansson Stubb 1642, Hans Grelsson Stubb 1603 and Grels Marcusson Stubb 1570. I also have a Hans Danielsson Stubb-Kanckos born Esse 1696.
Anna Mattsdotter Mattbäck is my 3rd cousin 4x removed.

Jaska Sarell
02-04-08, 18:34
It's rather unusual that in this case we can follow paternal Stubb line without changing name :rolleyes:

Grels Marcusson
Hans Grelsson
Påhl Hansson
Carl Påhlsson
Simon Carlsson
Matts Simonsson
Jakob Mattsson
Jakob Jakobsson
Johan Jakobsson
Jakob Johansson

:) Jaska

Addition: the working link to the above mentioned story (in Finnish) is this (http://www.alexstubb.com/fi/index.php?trg=diary&id=923)

02-04-08, 18:37
Ohh my, I have some Stubbs too in my family!But I am still working out the cousins thing :D
Karen I remember you saying we have links, so if you have Stubbs in yours then I must have them in mine too :o :D


02-04-08, 20:06
Thanks for that line!

I seems that I am also his 6th cousin.


Karen Norwillo
02-04-08, 20:19
Seems my Hans Carlsson Stubb-Flink 1701 was a brother to Simon Carlsson Stubb 1699 Esse and Per Carlsson 1697 Esse, died 27 Jul 1740 per Family Search LDS. That makes me 6th ggrand niece to Simon, Per and Johan Carlsson Stubb. Karen

02-04-08, 20:42
Looks like we are all related in some way :)

My link to Alexander Stubb comes through my grandfather's line which I haven't talked about here yet as I have been concentrating on my grandmother's side. But we are linked through :

Hans Grelsson Stubb born 1603 ähtävä died 1675 ähtävä (sorry for no capitals, I couldn't find my list of the alphabet that June gave me :o )

Also, Daniel Mattsson Stubb 1660-1714 was my great x 6 grandfather.

So , being a newbie still I'm not sure how many cousins down the line we are but I think it must be 8th, 9th or 10th :D God knows!

June Pelo
02-04-08, 23:15
Referring to Jaska's list of Stubb names: 7. Jakob Mattsson Stubb, 1760-1839, was the 4th great grandfather of John Edvin Edvinsson Vikström, 1931-, who was Archbishop of Finland until his retirement in 1998.

The line descended from Jakob's son Matts, 1787-1853, who had a daughter Maja Lisa, 1820-1886, married to Anders Jakobsson Wärn; their son Matts, 1854-1927, had a son Johannes, 1882-1964, whose son Edvin, 1905-1990, was father of Johan Edvin Vikström.

03-04-08, 00:15
This is so interesting!

My great great great grandmother was
Brita Simonsdotter Wärn 16.06.1802-27.05.1860.
Going further back along her line I have more Wärn names:
her mother was Elisabet Carlsdotter Wärn 1779-1809
her father was Carl Carlsson Wärn 1757-1810
his father was Carl Josefsson Wärn 1728-1782
his father was Josef Hansson Wärn 1678-1768

This is as far as I have got so far with my grandfather's side, these men are all my great great great great etc grandfathers. :)


June Pelo
03-04-08, 01:56

There are various combinations of numbers that can be used for umlauts. I don't remember which ones I sent to you, but here's one combination:
å = alt 134
Å = alt 143
ä = alt 132
Ä = alt 142
ö = alt 148
Ö = alt 153
é = alt 130
É = alt 144

Karen Norwillo
04-04-08, 21:21
Can someone tell me where the Vikström name came from starting with Johannes Mattsson Wärn 1882-1964? I don't see anyone with that name before him in his lineage. Karen

Jaska Sarell
04-04-08, 21:45
Hi Karen,

I have only a note that Johan Mattsson Wärn took the surname Vikström in 1920's. Maybe there were too many Wärns around and he liked to drop the old farm name. Vikström is structurally a typical surname.

:) Jaska

05-04-08, 08:52
It is probably so! In 1920's there was a big surname reform here in Finland. Farmers did not usually have any personal surnames before that. They used the name of the farm as a surname. They also used the patronymics as you know.

But in 1920's many families took new names and that must be the reason why the Vikström name appears then.

Any way, we wish Mr Alexander Stubb good luck in his new position! I suppose many other Finn-Swedes are proud of him as a Foreign Minister.


Kaj Granlund
11-04-08, 18:11
and I am not related to Alexander ;). BUT my wife is 5 cousin once removed, so not totally foreign minister free here either. lol
He visited Esse some years ago to find his roots.

Jaska: Also Johan born 16-06-1867 died 01-07-1867 is marked as born in Esse, The following children are born in Hausjärvi

There were just the names Wärn and Wärnå in that part of Esse and that's why some had to change their familynames. And Ayla it is better to use the Swedish name of Esse instead of the Finnish one, as the people here are Swedishspeaking