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June Pelo
06-04-08, 23:02
Finnish Foreign Minister Ilkka Kanerva admitted he sent 200 e-mails to an exotic dancer, 29-year-old Johanna Tukiainen. The letters are said to be intimate. He has apologized and acknowledged that he used bad judgment. A much irritated party chairman Jyrki Katainen said the party considers the incident serious. He said that many Finlanders view Kanerva's behavior as offensive but no one has demanded his resignation - contrary to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Prime Minister Vanhanen, who is married, has also had a relationship with a woman who later wrote a book about the entire affair. There are also other high-level people who have affairs, but society tolerates it. The shame they draw on themselves is considered enough punishment.

Now Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is in the fire, according to the prize-winning film that YLE showed. It depicted Mannerheim as a homosexual and Finland's old soldiers exploded. Some said it was an insult to God and others said it was time to have a meaningful picture of Mannerheim. Fjärlinen från Ural (Uralin perhonen) was made by Katariina Lillqvist. Veterans are indignant: Their God is a homo in a corset?

Mannherheim became tired of St. Petersburg and arranged a marriage with Anastasia Nikolajevna Arapova. On his travels he found a poor Kirghizian youth who did not ask questions. There relationship was considered as a wordless communication and passionate love. Yes, they had sex with each other and Mannerheim wore a corset! That corset is what has caused the most indignation. Mannerheim soon left Fjärilen från Ural. (fjäril = butterfly)

Aino Paasonen, daughter of Mannerheim's manager Aladar Paasonen wrote:
"Mannerheim was a strikingly handsome man, refined, elegant, bon vivant and yet, at the same time, extraordinarily self-controlled, disciplined and charismatic. He was a military man, par excellence, but also a gentleman who enjoyed making his own hand lotion. He was not strongly attracted to women, though he enjoyed the company of elegant ladies in high social circles."

Norden, March 20, 2008
There were several pages of articles about this subject in the paper.