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07-04-08, 01:29
Hello, my name is Leah and I am currently trying to research my father's family. His father, John Sture Carlson was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1897 to Fred and Maria Carlson, both from Finland. The family appears in the 1900 census in Bronx, New York along with a lot of other Finnish families, however they disappear until 1920 when John Carlson married my grandmother, Gertrude Haase. That is all I really know.

I do have a picture of Maria Carlson when she was about 5 years old taken in Vaasa, Finland.

Karen Norwillo
07-04-08, 16:50
Do you have a complete date of birth for any of these people? the 1930 Census for NYC, Queens, NY has John Carlson, 33, Gertrude 29, Ralph 10, Harold 2 and Sophie Haase 73, mother-in-law, Germany, Widow. Looks like John is an office manager, looks like carpets. I saw the 1920 census. WWI Draft Reg has a John Carlson in the Bronx, born MN 23 Aug 1897. Is this him? A matching birthdate for a John Carlson on the SSDI shows him dying Jun 1977 in North Hollywood, LA, CA. civil: NJ. Karen

Karen Norwillo
07-04-08, 19:52
Here is the 1914 arrival of Gertrude Haase and her parents. Looks like their destination was NY. Karen

Karen Norwillo
07-04-08, 20:18
Here is a 1900 census from Bronx. Mary and Sture are on this page. Frederick is on the bottom of the previous page. They don't have his name listed on Ancestry, only the initial C, but when I enlarged it to 2oo magnification, it looks like Frederick. I see they wrote over Sture's place of birth with New York, but enlarged it looks like Minnesota underneath. I'm not sure this was the one you meant. Karen

15-04-08, 07:57
Yes!! I can give you exact dates of birth!! Harold is my father!

John Sture Carlson - 23 Aug 1897 Duluth, Minnesota
03 Jun 1977 Granada Hills Convalescent Home,
Granada Hills, CA
(Last residence at 11420 Hatteras, North Hollywood, California)
married: 29 Mar 1919 Bronx, New York
Gertrude Martha Haase - 23 May 1900 Muhlhausen, Germany
1965- Levittown, Pennsylvania

Ralph Carlson - 03 Jan 1922 Bronx, New York
30 Dec 1965 Polk, Florida

Harold Siegfried Carlson - 16 Oct 1927 Bronx, New York
25 May 2007 Mission Hills, California

As for Fred and Marie Carlson I don't have any info on them. I have a bible with the name Agnes Maria Carlson 1916 confirmation from John Johnson. I also have a picture of someone named Andrew Siegfried Carlson and another picture of Maria Carlson in Vaasa, Finland abt. 5 years old, everything written on the back is in Finnish or Swedish.

And Sophie Haase, I have no clue anything about her except she had 8 sons and possibly 2 daughters.

May I ask why you would like this information?

15-04-08, 08:05
This manifest is what got me going on genealogy. It was so easy to find. And then I noticed where they were going, 485 9th Ave., New York, NY. So I looked up a few of the names of my fathers uncles, mentioned to me a long time ago. Sure enough I found all 8 brothers - 5 of 8 (including the 1914 manifest) were going to the same address of their brother, Albert. The other 2 are questionable.

Karen Norwillo
15-04-08, 14:27
It's so much easier to search for people if you start with a complete date of birth Then you know if you found the correct person. The more absolutes you have, the easier it is, It's very frustrating to spend hours searching only to find you've got the wrong person. Karen