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Kaj Granlund
11-04-08, 18:59
I have one ”problem” (hmm… and many more) in my Family Tree. A smith came to Lappfjärd, we do know his Christian name and birthyear 1749 and Familyname but do not know his patronymicon, we do not know his place of birth but his place of marriage in Karis Finland. And in Karis is a person with the same familyname that could be his father.
Some years after he arrived to Lappfjärd a person born 1766 comes and stays in his house, and he is marked as “the brother”. This person has his patronymicon that is of the supposed father in Karis who died 1977, which might explain that he had to come and stay with his brother.
That father in Karis got married at least 2 times, so the gap in age between the children might not be that problematic.

Would you regard the mystery with the father of my smith as solved or not?

Jaska Sarell
11-04-08, 20:39
Hej Kaj,

Can you find the births of the brothers for that supposed father?
Although HisKi doesn't cover those years for Karis, original birth records seem to be available at FFHA (SFHS/FSHF) site.

:) Jaska

Kaj Granlund
11-04-08, 21:19
The problem is that the records in Karis do not give the information we need. We know that my anchestor Olof was a "dräng" in the house of an older son to the person we think is the father (Anders), then Olof himself became a smith.

The "brother" Johan was born i dec 1766. And he followed the Olof wheerever he went. The anders died 1777 which could be a reason to this. We cannot connect Johan to Karis (gaps in records again) but in dec 1766 the church gave "fattigpengar" to the smith family cause of a good childbirth. So this is likely the Johan child.

Jaska Sarell
11-04-08, 22:22
Hej Kaj,

Besides I gave false statement that Karis birth records are available at FFHA site, there's only Svartå bruk records listed under Karis :confused:

I figure you have already turned every stone to find more proof.

I have stumbled today with contradictory markings in mid 1700's books in Perniö/Bjärnå. Sisters Margareta Johansdr, Christina and Catharina are listed in children's book as daughters of widow Anna. However, the "only possible father" Johan Mattsson's wife was Carin Ersdr. He died just before the children book start, and had a sister Anna Mattsdr, also a widow at that time (a source of confusion?). Only Margareta's possible birth record could be found in 1732, but she has birth year 1734 in later records. Still a possible elder brother Michael's (b. 1728) going to Turku/Åbo should be searched, as my ancestor Christina also went there for a while.

If it's easy, it's not so interesting :cool:

:) Jaska

Kaj Granlund
12-04-08, 11:17
Well we have been trying to turn the stones, I hope to get to one parish to see if i could find the letter they took from the pastor leaving from one parish to another. Sometimes these can be helpful

Those things you have are familiar. I know them from the Esse records too. Often due to that the pastor was new and did think that the woman that took care of the children also was their biologiacl mother. I solved some problems as I found the book called "Åldersbok". Where the families were kept together with a very clear system.