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13-04-08, 05:05
Hi, I am trying to find info on Mathias Malm, born Nykarleby Finland. He married Maria Kinedelia around 1723. They are the parents of Niclas Malm (1724-1785) who married Maria Mattsdotter Nyman. (Pehr, Peter Jnr & Otto August Malm are their descendents).

I have been unable to find the parents of Mathias Malm or of Maria Kinedelia. I have tried to search from the internet Swedish genealogy sites, but have been unsuccessful. :(

Can anyone please provide a good Swedish site to search or does anyone have any information they can supply? The Hiski site is brilliant for searching Finlands genealogy - is there a similar site for Swedish genealogy search that has information in ENGLISH???

June Pelo
13-04-08, 19:56
According to information given to me years ago, Matts Malm was born 1689 in Nykarleby and died there 7 Aug 1739. His wife Maria was born 1700 and died 12 Aug 1753 in Nykarleby. I found these websites that mentioned Matts Malm:



http://www.kokkola.fi/virhe/ google showed there should be information about Mathias Malm and Maria Kiendelia - but the page is not there.

http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~swewgw/ Research in Sweden

I assume you know that Matts Malm's son Niclas' son's daughter Anna Maria married Lorens Runeberg - and their son was Johan Ludvig Runeberg. There seems to be lots of data about the descendants of Matts Malm and Maria. Hj. Björkman wrote about Malm in Jakobstads Historia I, II, III.

14-04-08, 17:24

I have another book "Jakobstads Historia, första delen" (by Alma Söderhjelm) and on page 262 I found a Johan Malm as a "borgare" with ships. The list of names was from 1702.

I don't know who this Johan Malm was, but he must have lived at the same time as your Matts Malm (late 1600's - early 1700's). Perhaps a brother or his father.

The same Johan Malm was in 1695 named as a carpenter (timmerman) due to page 294 in the same book. He was also called a "brewer" (bryggare) on page 295.

In Hj. Björkman's book on page 41 I found a list of barrels with salt. In 1744 Carl Malm had 8 barrels. The Carl who was a brother of Niclas was born in 1737 (7 years at that time) and could hardly not been a businessman at that time. But his father Mattias died in 1739 so it is a possibility that the young Carl was the owner of these barrels.

In the same book on page 25 you can read that Johan Malm owned a ship in company with Thomas Mattsson Strang. They had some business together at that time. On page 19 you can find that Johan's wife Beata Back (daughter of Christer Back, "borgare" in Jakobstad) died 9 Oct 1737 at an age of 76 years old. She must have been born about 1661. So it is a possibility that they were parents of Mattias Malm (b. 1689).

I know that this does not give you the answer to your question, but at least you can see that there were some other Malm in Jakobstad the same time.

Perhaps more information can be found in Nykarleby where Matts was born.

Christian Dahlin

22-04-08, 07:17
Hello again Trevettes!

I have now read the whole book about the history of Jakobstad and found that "my" Johan Malm was born 1665 in Jakobstad. He was from another family than "your" Mathias Malm, who was born in Nykarleby. Of course there is a chance that they were related, but this I do not know.

Johan Mattsson Malm (1665-1733) married Beata Back and they had one daughter Anna Chatarina, who married Olof Öhman.

They also had a son, Carl (1708-1781). Carl's only surviving daughter Anna Chatarina was married in Stockholm with Anders Lund.