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June Pelo
14-04-08, 22:04
Received an e-mail from Finland from the grandson of Viktor Herman Mattsson Bredbacka, b. 7 Mar 1876, Terjärv, who emigrated to New York and married 1898 to Emma Helena Andersdotter Furu, b. 19 Sep 1873 in Terjärv. They had 3 children: Emma Olivia, b. 1898; Viktor Vernor, b. 1900; Judith, b. 1904. The mother Emma and the children returned to Finland in 1904 and Viktor was to follow, but he never showed up. They don't know what happened to him, but they think he was killed in New York and was eventually declared dead in 1911. The family has always wondered what became of him and asked if I could find out. Olivia and Judith returned to the US; Vernor married and took his family to Finland in 1932. Judith went back to Finland in the 1960s. Looks like the children used their middle names as first names. Is there any way to find out what happened to Viktor?

June Pelo
15-04-08, 01:00
Referring to my previous mail above, would anyone know of any photos of Viktor Bredbacka that would have been taken of him in the US? His grandson wrote that they have no photos of Viktor as an adult - only some of him as a child. Some of the older family members are still living, and they would love to be able to see what he looked like.

15-04-08, 03:19
Hi June,
Viktor's grandaughter, Marion, daughter of Emma Olivia has a picture of Viktor and Emma Helena with Olivia on her lap. She lives about 45 minutes away but I can't get there until next week to make a copy of the picture.

The only knowledge that Marion has about her grandfather is that her Aunt Judith once said he went west rather than return to Finland. FYI Marion is my 1st cousin and we are related to Ole & Elof Granholm.

If you want some more information and to make arrangements for the handling the picture let's do it by email. cvlillvik*verizon.net.

Hope you are well.

June Pelo
15-04-08, 21:00
Hello Carl. It's good to hear from you again. And thank you for your mail - it will be welcomed news to Ove in Finland. I'll contact you direct.

23-04-08, 15:09
The picture of Viktor Bredbacka is on the way to you and Ove. You have solve another family mystery!

Glad to hear that your church was rebuilt after the hurricane.