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09-11-03, 00:33

Looking to find emigration information on my Gr. Grandfather, Johan Abraham HULKKONEN. He was born 29 Aug. 1851 in Pudasjarvi, Oulu, Finland. He arrived in the U.S.A in 1872-1873 at Calumet, Houghton Co. Michigan. Where would I start to find out what port he would have left from Finland? Would the Port of Hanko be the start? I'm interested in find more about possible the ship that he arrived on also. I search the Imigrants Ships Transcribers Guild site but, my date was too early.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Jill Ann

Tracy Boeldt
08-12-03, 22:34
Hi Jill Ann,
Have you tried the Institute of Migration?


It is a great site! It took me awhile to find my g grandmother--she was listed under a misspelling of her nickname!
Good luck!

18-12-03, 22:51
A close friend without a computer has asked me to help her find information regarding her grandmother, Alma Wilhelmiinantytär
Wiren. Alma was born in Pukaro Village, Lapinjärvi, Finland on March 11, 1886. Her father was Andrew (Antti) Wiren, and her mother's name was Wilhelmiina (Minnie) Johansdotter Koskinen. Alma was placed for adoption in Finland with a family named Nyman. She emigrated to the USA in 1907.

Alma was married in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to John Pakkala on December 5th, 1910. I have written to the church at Lapinlahti for info, but they have no record of these people.

If anyone has the name Wiren or Viren in their database or family records, my friend would be very grateful for any information that could be found regarding her grandmother's original family.

Thank you!

Kaisa Mäki Schulze

19-12-03, 06:34

Here's a start. An Aliina Wiren emigrating to Sault Ste Marie in 1907 but a different first name.

If this is the correct Wiren, then we see a different first name which may aid research in Finland.

Chuck Mäki in Rock Island, IL

27-12-03, 00:18
Hi Tracy,

Thank you for the suggestion on the Institute of Migration site.
I tried searching my information dates of 1872-1873...but the site
seems to cover dates for the later part of the 1890's. It is a great site but couldn't reach any success.

I'm also interested in locating more information about the area he
immigrated from: Pudasjarvi, Oulu, Finland. I have his obituary from when he died in Michigan in 1926 , which mentioned the Russian occupation in the country at the time that my great- grandfather left Finland. It told about the hard times the Finnish people had to endure.

Any suggestions or hints that you know of to lead me to some resources?


Jill Ann

Tracy Boeldt
27-12-03, 10:04
Hi Jill Ann,
Most of my family from Finland is from the Åbo area, so I would hope that somone on this list who is from your your area would respond to your request! I wish you luck!

02-01-04, 18:20
Hej! Kaisa,
This query deserves its own thread. Then more members will note the name.
Good searching!