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22-04-08, 17:45
Does anyone have access to Kauhajoki church books? I am trying to find out what happened to my great grandmother's (Aurora Wilhelmina Britantytär b. 5 Apr. 1859 Kauhajoki) siblings. They were Matti Britanpoikä, b. 28 Nov. 1849 Seppänen farm/Kauhajoki and Albertina (Brita Lena) Britintytär, b. 14 Apr. 1852. I was given information that Matti moved to Sastmola/Merikarvia 23 June 1869. Their mother was Brita Lena Juhantytär Talvitie, b. 1824.

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22-04-08, 22:20
Looked back and found a bit more information to add to my previous post which may prove helpful to anyone with access to Kauhajoki church books.
Brita Lena Johansdotter/Juhantytär b. 11 April 1820 in Teuva, Talvitie farm. She moved to Kauhajoki 20 November 1836 and worked as a maid in Seppänen farm, Hyyppä village. She had three out-of-wedlock children:
Matts (Matti) b. 28 November 1849 in Seppänen farm
Albertina (Brita Lena in some records) b. 14 April 1852
Aurora Wilhelmina b. 5 April 1859 in Hyyppä village, Kivelä croft of farm Piipari.(my great- great grandmother)
She lived with her children as a cottager in Kivelä up to the years 1858-1859.
In 1860 they were found in Kauhajoki kirkonkylä (church village) where they lived in the Heikkilä farm as cottagers until 1862. They moved to another location, possibly Päntäne village, where they lived until 1865. From 1865 until Brita Lena's death on
17 January 1883, she lived in Päntäne village, Tarkka farm as a cottager.
Daughter, Albertina (Brita Lena) died 6 May 1868 in Kauhajoki Päntäne village, Tarkka farm. Son, Matti moved to Sastamala (today called Karkku) 23 August 1869.
Daughter, Aurora Wilhelmina started working as a maid in Kauhajoki, Päntäne village Uuro farm in 1876. She is recorded to have moved to Isojoki 3 February 1877, but can be found in the records of Karijoki 1877.
Parents of Brita Lena Johansdotter/Juhantytär b. 11 April 1820, were Johan Mattsson (Juha Matinpoika) b. 16 Dec. 1789 in Hämeenkyro and Susanna Mattsdotter (Susanna Matintytär) Aystö, Talvitie b. 19 May 1796 in Teuva.
They had at least three children:
Maja Lisa Johansdotter (Maija Liisa Juhantytär) b. 1 December 1818 in Teuva, Talvitie farm
Brita Lena
Matts Johansson (Matti Juhanpoikä) b. 2 October 1822 in Teuva, Talvitie farm.

Thank-you for any help you may have to offer. :)


25-04-08, 04:14
When looking at godparents on Hiski records, are the godparents normally a family member? Here are two examples. I am specifically looking at the h:u Albertina Johansdr on these. And what does h:u mean? And could a godparent be only 11-16 years of age?

21.5.1863 25.5.1863 Öfverkodes torp. Gustaf Palmgren h:u Maria Henriksd:r Wilhelmina

godparent: Bs:n Johan Gustafsson Saari
godparent: h:u Albertina Elisabeth Johansd:r
godparent: drengen Frans Henrik Andersson

16.10.1869 17.10.1869 Öfverkodes Torp. August Mariasson Palmgren h:u Maria Henriksd:r 32 Albertina

godparent: Bonden Johan Jakob Eliasson Saari
godparent: h:u Albertina Johansd:r
godparent: Torp.sonen Johan Jakob Isaksson Saari
godparent: pigan Greta Henriksd:r Öfverkodes

25-04-08, 07:44
Hi Denise,
H:u is an abbreviation of the Swedish word hustru, wife. A godparent might have been an aunt or uncle or other relation but also a neighbour or a prominent person in the community. The godparent cannot be very young because he/she must have been confirmed to be eligible as a godparent. The earliest age would be around 16 years.
I´m also correcting my earlier mistake: Matti did not move to Sastamala/Karkku but to Sastmola which is in Finnish Merikarvia. This parish is much nearer to Ostrobothnia than Sastamala. Siorry about confusing information :-)

25-04-08, 13:23
Hi Merja,
Thank-you! :D LDS has an Albertina Johansd:r who has the same birthdate as my Albertina, so I imagine the one on Hiski as a godmother is her mother, Albertina. I was thrilled to find them on LDS and also to find that both mother and daughter went by the patronymic of Johansd:r So now I wonder why the Albertina on Hiski is listed as h:u wife when she had 3 children out of wedlock? I guess I'll have to keep searching to see who she married...or maybe this isn't the correct Albertina :confused: I imagine the Johan Jacob Isaksson Saari is this Albertina Johansd:r's husband? Thank-you for the info. on Matti. I looked at both Sastmola and Sastamala with no results. The records aren't online yet. :( That seems to often be the case on my mother's side of the family which makes research very frustrating.

Thank-you Merja,


Birth: 14 APR 1852
Christening: 15 APR 1852 Kauhajoki, Vaasa, Finland


Source Information:
Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:

C452201 1691 - 1720 0055597 Film 1149094 Film

C452201 1732 - 1738 0055597 Film NONE

C452201 1777 - 1850 0055597 Film NONE

C452201 1851 - 1866 0066825 Film NONE

25-04-08, 15:41
Hi Merja,
One other reason I think this may be the correct Albertina Johansd:r is because she is godmother to a Palmgren on the above Hiski records and her daughter Aurora Wilhelmina married a Palmgren from Karijoki (and the years I need for Karijoki aren't online either!) ... coincidence? :confused: How can I volunteer to put these records online for Karijoki, Kauhajoki, etc.?

Thanks again,
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25-04-08, 17:36
Correction on my previous post about Albertina's husband...

"I imagine the Johan Jacob Isaksson Saari is this Albertina Johansd:r's husband"

I meant either Johan Gustafsson Saari or Johan Jakob Eliasson Saari. :o


20-09-08, 19:59
Hi Denise
Summer is over in Finland and its time to start up the genealogy search again.
I looked in Kauhajoki, Sastmola( Merikarvia) and Bötom ( Karijoki) churchrecord today about Matti Britanpoika b.Nov 23 1849 and this is what i found:
Matti moved to Sastmola June 23 1869 but returned back to Kauhajoki Sept 9 1870 and worked as a farm-hand on different farms in Kauhajoki until Oct 2.1875 when he moved to Sastmola ( Merikarvia) again.He lived on Pörtsudd
farm as a farm-hand until July 29 1876 when he married Maria Fredrika Johansdotter Rofland b.Dec 4 1836 in Malax.Father Erik Johansson Rofland b.April16 1812 died June 24 1874.This was Maria Fredrika's second marriage.The lived on Rofland farm in Alakarvia village. Their son Wilhelm was born Nov 17 1876 and died Jan 27 1877.Matti Britanpoika died of fever in Alakarvia village, Rofland farm Oct 26 1881 in age of 31years 10 months and 28 days. Maria Fredrika remarried Dec 1883 to Gustaf Henriksson Wiik from Alakarvia village.No children.

Started to look at the Palmgren line too so i will be back later on with that.
Churchrecord for Karijoki end at 1896 so im not able to look at Aurora Wilhelmina' s siblings after 1896 but i saw that you had most of that before.

23-09-08, 14:15
Hi Christer,
Thank-you for the information on Matti Britantytär. It's sad that there were no living children to follow for living relatives in Finland. At least now that mystery is solved. I appreciate it. Would you happen to have access to records in Teuva? I have very little on Brita Lena's parents and family, and have hit a brick wall with them. This is what I have:

Juha Matinpoikä Talvitie b. 16 Dec.1789 Hämeenkyro, married 15 Nov.1818 to Susanna Matintytär Åysto b. 19 May1796 in Teuva. Susanna's parents were Matti Heikinpoikä Åysto, Talvitie b. 29 Sept. 1761-died 14 Apr.1840 Teuva, Talvitie farm, and Klaara Pekäntytär b. 4 Apr.1764 Teuva- died 19 June 1834 Teuva, Talvitie farm.

I am going to Crystal Falls the beginning of October with my mother and will check for your Kristian Kloo in Bessemer and also Crystal Falls. Hopefully I will be able to solve that mystery for you. I have kept the notes you sent me on your great grandpa. I lost my business in a fire in August, and now that I have almost completed my detailed itemized inventory for my insurance company, (a daunting task!) I will have time to visit that area and do some research. It will be nice to concentrate on genealogy for a change.

Again, thank-you for all of your help Christer. It is greatly appreciated. :)
Best Regards,

Karen Norwillo
23-09-08, 15:15
Hey Denise,
I wondered why we hadn't heard from you for so long. Sorry to hear about the fire. Sure wish I could meet up with you in Crystal Falls. I had planned on a visit this year, but with the economy as it is, can't afford it. Couldn't even get home for my cousin's funeral in April. Maybe next year. Love, cousin Karen

27-09-08, 14:52
Hi Denise
Here is what i found about Brita Lena Juhanintytär Talvitie in Teuva

Matts Henricsson b.Sept 19 1761 in Teuva d.April 14.1840 at Talvitie farm no 9 in Öist (Äystö),Teuva
Wife: Clara Pehrsdotter ( Pekantytär) b.April 4 1764 in Äystö,Teuva d.June 19 1834 in Teuva, Talvitie farm.
1 Hedvig Mattsdotter b.May 16 1786 in Kurikka.From Kurikka 1819.
Married to Herman Jakobson b.1790 d.June 26 1854 Talvitie farm,says to
have come from Närpes 1814( not verified, page 257 Teuva com.book 1833-
Children:a Clara Hermansdotter b.Aug 23 1820 in Teuva, Talvitie farm
married to Jakob Michelsson b.JUly 1814, came from Storå( Isojoki)
1848. Jakob and Clara moved to Kauhajoki in 1855.
Source: page 279 Teuva com.book 1849-1856
b Johan Jakob Hermansson b.May 17 1822 d.May 3 1826
c Matts Hermansson b.May 25 1825 d.July 29 1832
d Herman Magnus Hermansson b.Aug 10 1826 d.Oct 16 1832
e Hedvig Sofia Hermansdotter b.Jan 18 1830 d.July 7 1830

2 Susanna Mattsdotter b.June 19 1795 in Teuva (Source:Teuva birthbook
1795-1797 page 11) note, different birth date than yours.
Goodparents: Matts Johansson wife Susanna Mattsdotter from Pietilä farm,
Mickel Andersson wife Helena Sigfridsdotter from Nisula croft
Johan Mattson from Äystö, maid Anna Johansdotter from
Harjunpää farm
Christened June 21 by vicar Johan Forsman
Susanna married to Johan Mattson b.Dec 16 1789 in
Tavastkyro (Hämeenkyrö)
Children a Maja LIsa Johansdotter b.Dec 1 1818 in Teuva
b Brita Lena b. April 11 1820 in Teuva
c Matts Johan b.Oct 2 1822 in Teuva
The family moved to Kauhajoki in 1822
Source:Teuva com.book page 453 1820-1826
3 Jakob Mattson b.July 4 1799 in Kurikka.From Kurikka 1819.Moved to
Kauhajoki in 1823
Source : Teuva com.book page 453 1820-1826

4 Helena Mattsdotter b.April 24 1803 in Teuva
Godparents:Matts Pehrsson Vainionpää croft wife Hedvig Johansdotter,
Henric Johansson,maid Hedvig Johansdotter
Helena married to Matts Petterson b.Aug 17 1802 in Kauhajoki
Children:a Jacob Mattsson b.Oct 23 1827 d.Nov 17 1827
b Henric Mattson b.Jan 12 1829
The family moved to Kauhajoki in 1832
Source: Page 473 Teuva com.book 1826-1832
Looks like the family had moved around as the children were born in different places.Cant really understand the note" From Kurikka 1819" because the family was in Teuva already in 1795 when Susanna was born.Have to check Kurikka churchrecord too
As you can see all the tracks of this family lead to Kauhajoki so i have to look in Kauhajoki church record for more later on

28-09-08, 13:59
Crister, it is great that you have helped Denise with this family. I have done some research into them earlier and the false birthdate of Susanna Matintytär comes from my notes from communion books. As you have checked it up from the list of births, it is most certainly correct. Hiski has it as 9th June 1796.
I also had a different birthdate for Clara Pehrsdotter. I do not know which is correct. Hiski has no Clara born 4th Apr 1874 but there is Clara born 4th Aug 1764 to Pehr and Lisa Pietilä.
The origins of Johan Mattsson b.16th Dec 1789 are a mystery to me. I have tried to find him in Hämeenkyrö church records several times, without success. I know he moved from Kauhajoki to Teuva 11th Nov 1817 but have not had the possibility to check him up in Kauhajoki church books. If you have the occasion to find out when he moved to Kauhajoki and from where, I will try again with Hämeenkyrö records. I know there are no records for persons moving in or out of Kauhajoki until 1819 but the year of moving in might be written in the communion book.

28-09-08, 14:38
Hi Merja and Denise
I do think that Clara Pehrsdotter Aug 4 1764 might be the right person, i havent checked this up but as the godparents of Susanna are Mickel and Susanna Pietilä its probably her.Will take a look at this again.Perhaps there is something about their marriage.There is no notes about birthdate, just birthyear in the communion book for her.
Will also check Johan Mattson, i did not check him at all last time,i just wrote down the note " from Kauhajoki 1817" on page 453 1820-1826.


29-09-08, 13:40
Hi Christer,
I agree, the couple from Pietilä as godparents to Susanna would suggest that Clara was from that farm. Following her in the communion books would verify this or finding the marriage record. I could not find it in Hiski, not in the neighbouring parishes either.
Just wish we would get Ostrobothnian church records in Digiarkisto soon!

29-09-08, 14:07
Hello Merja and Christer,
I would like to thank-you so much for all the help you both are giving me on this family. It is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

30-09-08, 19:09
Hi Denise and Merja
Merja,i think you will have to wait a long time to get Ostrobothnia churchrecords into Digiarkisto, seems to go very slowly with this in Ostrobotnia.Puhutaan Hämeen hitaista mutta kyllä täällä menee vielä hitaammin.
I did find info that confirm the birthdate of Clara Pehrsdotter Pietilä.
In the communion book 1783-1788 on page 137, Pietilä farm
Farmer Pehr Jacobsson b.Oct 24 1724 d.July 10 1784
Wife Lisa Josephsdotter b.Dec 14 1730
Children: 1 Isaac Pehrsson b.July 7 1755 married to Johanna Sigfridsdotter
b.May 22 1746
2 Maria Pehrsdotter b.March 21 1760 married to Henric Mickelsson
( Soldier Bom)
3 Jakob Pehrsson b.April 29 1761
4 Clara Pehrsdotter b.Aug 4 1764 moved to Harju farm
5 Matts Pehrsson b.Sept 4 1769
6 Anna Pehrsdotter b.Dec 25 1772

I tried to look for marriage record for Clara and Matts Henricsson too but could not find any.They moved to Kauhajoki between 1786-1789 so that explain why some of the children are born in Kauhajoki.
I think this is most of what we can get out of the Teuva churchrecord for the moment.
Teuva churchrecord is pretty complete so if you need more lookup later on just tell me.
Will take a look in the Kauhajoki churchrecord next week

30-09-08, 20:32
Thank you Christer, you are very very helpful!
I think the Digiarkisto scanner is being moved to Seinäjoki at some point this coming winter and keep on hoping someone would scan Ylihärmä, Alahärmä and Vöyri!

02-10-08, 05:28
Hi Christer and Merja!
You both are always so helpful and such awesome researchers! Thank-you so much for everything.


02-10-08, 05:33
Hi Karen,
I wish I could meet up with you in Crystal Falls too! After all, you are my "cousin" and I've never been able to meet you in person! :( Let's hope the future gets better!

Best Regards,