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03-09-03, 20:51
Hello all !
My name is Bert Lindvall and was born in Ytterjeppo Nykarleby Lkm for about 54 years ago.I´m electrician at ESSE ELEKTRO-KRAFT AB in Esse Pedersöre.I´m living at Dalabäck Tarvonen 8:14 since 1988.I have genealogy as a hobby for many years but that´s have going wery slow until I get my PC and internet connection for about 4 years ago.I have found many friends and relatives with help of PC and internet.June Pelo and Hasse helps me wery much and many other too.One of the last was Shirley King. Best whishes to all and enjoy the searching of relatives..Bert

03-09-03, 21:52
Hi all !
Here have I insert some albums with photos both new and older and some from my relatives albums too.

June Pelo
03-09-03, 23:04

Your URL for the photos doesn't open.


Gita Wiklund
04-09-03, 00:42

When I copied the URL and pasted it in the URL box it worked.
Nice album Bert! Do you know the names of the skyddskåristerna?

:) Gita

04-09-03, 06:29
Hej Gita !
I don´t have names att all off them ,but they are from Kållby Pedersöre

Gita Wiklund
04-09-03, 20:22
Okej. Do you know where I can find out more about skyddskårister?


04-09-03, 20:29
Originally posted by Gita Wiklund

When I copied the URL and pasted it in the URL box it worked.

:) Gita

The thing with Bert's URL was that the thing was slightly wrong coded.

When you enter a link to an external page you will be presented with two dialog boxes. The first one is the text shown underlined, ie. describing the link. The second one is the proper URL, which is normally hidden from the viewer.

fter June pointed out the malfunction I edited Bert's email a little to get it to work. /Hasse