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28-04-08, 00:47
These are the husbands of my grandfather’s sister Ida Maria Mattsdotter Finström born on Finnabba farm, Purmo 02.04.1887 according to church records in Finland.

The record also gives her marriage’s which probably came from the churches in America:
“Married 1st 15.10.1904 in USA to HEGBLOM, Michel. Born 10.03.1887 in Vörå. Fem barn.” Must have the year wrong.
“Married 2nd 16.10.1919 in USA to SAMSON, Samuel. Born 06.01.1873in Vörå. Fyra barn.”

Marriage license dated Oct. 12, 1904 has Michael Neblom as 26 years old and his father’s name as Simon Neblom.

Declaration of intention dated April 17, 1905 has his name as Mike Negbloom.

Church record number 1 in America
O=Other name B=Birth P=Place from in Finland E=Emigration

Swenson 226 = Delta Co, Escanaba, Bethany Lutheran

c45h Michael Nigblom O: - B: Nov 17 1878 P: Vörå E:1899 C:226
c45w Ida O: - Finström B: Feb 28 1886 P: Purmo E:1895 C:226

1910 census record: Escanaba ward 7 Delta county Michigan
754 Stephenson Ave. Michael Neckblom 32 years old, immigrated in 1898

Moved to Felch/Metropolitan Dickinson county in 1914 according to Zion church records. Michael died August 10, 1918.
No World War I draft record found.

Church record number 2 in America
Swenson 211 = Metropolitan, Zion Lutheran

30h2 Sam Sampson O: Simon Johansson B: Jan 6 1873 P: Vörå E:1900 C:211
30h1 Mickael Naggblom O: - B: Mar 10 1879 P: Vörå E: unk C:211
30w Ida Marie O:- Finström B: Feb 24 1887 P: Purmo E:1895 C:211

53h? Sampson Simon Johansson O: B: Jan 6 1879 P: Vörå E:1899 C:211

Church record show they were married October 19, 1919 and that Sam came to Felch / Metropolitan from Iron River on April 3, 1916.

1920 census record: Felch, Dickinson county, Michigan
Sam Samson is listed as 46 years old and immigrated in 1899, The children are listed with the last name of Nigblom

1930 census record: Felch, Dickinson county, Michigan
Sam Samson is listed as 56 years old and all of the children are listed with the last name of Samson