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jan S. Mayes
29-04-08, 07:41
I am new and I am looking for information on Gustav & Ida Englund. origin being Foglo. I am an Englund and my father was Theodore W. Englund his father was Daniel Isadore and his father was Gusatav Englund. I have never heard that Gustav and Ida ever came to America. It always was that Daniel and Otheilia (wife) came with a set of cousins first to St. Halaire Minn where my father was born then to Seattle Washington area and finally to California. Any information highly appreciated. JSM

29-04-08, 10:58
Hello Daniel!

This is from Hiski

Föglö Baptised
Born 1.10.1876 Babtised 8.10.1876 Village Karlsöby. No 3 Father farmhand Gustaf Englund Mother Ida Child Daniel Isodor

Born 28.11.1877 Baptised 2.12.1877 Village Kalsö Father Crofters son Gustaf Englund Mother Ida Child Gustaf Hjalmar

Born 17.9.1879 Baptised 21.9.1879 Village Kalsö Father Crofters son Gustaf Englund Mother 1da 25-30 Child Karl

And this is from Föglö-Marriages

Married 25.3.1876 Village Kalsö Husband Farmhand Gustaf Englund Wife Maid Ida Sofia Sundblom Village Kalsö

Hope this is the right persons

MVH Kerstin

Ingemar Ekman
29-04-08, 18:42
Dear cousin!
My grandmother Hilda Englund´s first cousin was Gustaf Englund. I have a lot information at home, and many of descendants to Gustaf and Ida in USA have visited us and we have also visited them in Chicago and San Fransisco area. I am reading your message on my local library and will send you a pdf-file with information as soon as possible.
Best Regards,
Ingemar Ekman, Stockholm Sweden

29-04-08, 20:18
This is from cencus 1910 Township 11, Fresno California
Daniel J Englund 33
Othelia F Englund 33
Theodore Englund 8 Born in Minnesota
Walter Englund 7 Born in Washington
Eldar B Englund 5 Born in Washington
Myrtle F Englund 3 Born in Washington
Elmer Englund born in California
Othelia and Daniel has been married for 9 years and she has given birth to 5 children . Othelias mother Louisa Wickstrom 66 is also living with them.

California Death index about Daniel Isadore Englund
Social security #0
Sex Male
Birth date 1 oct 1876
Birth place Other country
Death date 5 Feb 1940
Death place Fresno
Father´s surname Englund

There is a WW1 draftregristration card for Daniel Isidor Englund that says that he is a farmer in Kernan Fresno California. his nearest relative is his wife Borghild Othelia Englund

MVH Kerstin

Ingemar Ekman
29-04-08, 21:53
Hello Jan,
Gustaf Englund b 1856 in Kallsö, Föglö and his wife Ida Maria Sundblom b 1853 in Sonboda Föglö, emigrated 1881 togheter with their 3 children (Isidor Daniel b 1876, Elmer 1877 and Charles b 1879) and arrived Boston with s/s Atlas 26 June 1881 and applied for citizenship 12 Oct 1881 in Kandiyohi County, MN. They got 160 acres in Polk County 1882, Homestead Certificat No. 3832, 1892. They got 7 more children born 1882-1895 ( will be enclosed in the pdf-file , together with the ancestors). The family moved in the spring 1902 to Ballard, Seattle WA and built a house at 2624 W. 63RD Street.
Gustaf died 1921 and buried in Washelli Cementery and Ida Maria died 1944.
Best Regards,

Ingemar Ekman
30-04-08, 08:00
Please find 2 attached files about your family. Unfortunately some words are not translated to English (mostly the occupations) . Ida Maria's brother was the father to Haddon Sundblom and you will find some information about Haddon in the Finlander forum.
I hope you will be able to open the files and magnify them.