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Diane Yanosik
02-05-08, 16:02
I am searching for information on my Grandmother - Agnes Ingrid Eklund - born 12 Feb 1894 from Vasa.
I believe her father was Mekaniker Magnus Edvard Eklund, and her mother Edla Elisabet. I found these names on a church document which looks to me like a christening certificate, however it is dated 21 Feb 1957 at the bottom. It is from Dioecesis Borgoensis. I know she had a sister Anne, married name Soderman, and a Brother Charles. There may be more siblings. Agnes immigrated to the US, came to live with her sister Anne in New York. Charles also immigrated and lived in Millinocket, Maine.
I have no other information on her family. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Diane Yanosik

Kaj Granlund
18-06-08, 07:54
can you have that christening document (those "Ämbetsbetyg" are a document that sertifies the basic information of a person needed for some special purpose such us buying selling land, fullfilling of a will...) scanned and pooed on the forum. That might help us to give some more information. The signature on thet document can be beneficial. also the place of dating.

Diane Yanosik
19-06-08, 01:25
Thanks for your reply. I hope I am doing this right - I've tried to attach a scan of the document to this post. Any information - particularly what relation the people listed on it or the town where it was issued would be greatly appreciated.

Kaj Granlund
19-06-08, 06:37
I did try to follow the order of the swedish somewhat old writing, that you could see which words correspond to each other. So you will be able to start to find your family in the city of Vasa. My quess is that the mother was born Widlund as there are two godparents born Widlund. But you will find out.
Certificate of baptism
In the year of 1894 at 12th of February was born in Vasa and baptized at the 21th of February, the child Agnes Ingrid.
Parents: mechanician Magnus Edvard Eklund and his wife Edla Elisabet

Godparents: Sailor Widlund and his wife Maria, Karl Widlund and Aina Wäst
The baptism was committed by J.A. Heikel
herby testified at the parishoffice of Vasa swedish(speaking) congregation 21 Febr 1957

Alvar Nyqvist, dean, vicar


Karen Norwillo
19-06-08, 20:46
I know I answered some questions about your Eklund search on another thread, but I found abit of info on Ancestry I don't know if you have. Fannie I Eklund married Charles W Montgomery 7 Jul 1930. Both were from Millinocket, ME. Fannie was born 12 Feb 1907 and died 12 Oct 1987 in Millinocket. This is from the ME Death Index and SSDI. The marriage is from the ME Marriages 1892-1996. Charles W Montgomery born 7 Feb 1905 and died 23 Aug 1973 in Bangor, ME. Res. Millinocket, ME.
Hiski has birth of Magnus Edvard Eklund 27 Oct 1853 to Tullupps.m. Mauritz Eklund and Eva Erica 28 in Vaasa. LDS has the same info, with christening 4 Nov 1853. LDS C453101 1803-1855 Source Call #0055708. Nearest I can translate is father had something to do with tolls and/or customs.

June Pelo
19-06-08, 21:07
He probably was a tulluppsyningsman = preventive officer. I believe there were customs houses at toll gates at the entrances to towns.

Karen Norwillo
19-06-08, 21:10
Found more births for Mauritz and Eva.
28 Feb 1849 Distrikts Uppsyn.m. Mauritz Eklund and Ewa Wik 23, Gustaf Magnus (tv) and, same date, no name, notation gåsse afl. före dopt, which I think means "died before birth" So it looks like it would have been twins. Closest I could translate father's occupation would be district surveyor or inspector.

June Pelo
19-06-08, 21:26
dopt = christening or baptism, so he died before being baptized.

Karen Norwillo
21-06-08, 19:10
There is a Helmer Mauritz Eklund buried in the Old Cemetery, Vaasa on Hiski. Born 20 Jun 1902 and died 6 May 1971. With the second name of Mauritz, I thought maybe this could be a sibling to Agnes. Karen

Diane Yanosik
23-06-08, 19:52
Thanks so much everyone for your help! I never expected to get new names, just a direction to look for them. I so appreciate everyone's help.
Since my first post, I have talked with my Uncle, the last living child of Agnes. I got a few bits of info, but he doesn't remember much as he is getting on in years. I did find out Agnes had a brother George who came to NY. I have also had a chance to go through some photos, and have found some more names. I believe she had many brothers - Einar, Erik, Holger, Frank (I have a wedding photo of Edith and Frank Eklund). I have found a photo of 5 men, Einar, Henrick, Erik, what looks like Foltsa and Hugo. Not sure if they are all related or not. Another of 3 young ladies, labeled Mia, Impi, Agnes. They look related. I also have 2 photos, of two different young men in uniform. One is labled Eklund, Holger 5/2-48, the other has no notations. I also have found a photo of a gravestone. All I can make out is EKLUND at the base. There is writing that I can't make out, I plan on having my son do some computer magic with it to see if we can't make out what it says.
Yes, Karen, Fannie and Charles Montgomery in Millinocket are my family. I was able to jog my Uncles memory to confirm it. He gave me the Charles Montgomery a while ago, but couldn't remember his wife's (who is my uncles cousin!) name. I've contacted someone who I think is a relative, by searching online through the High School she attended. I'm waiting to hear back if he is a relative, or perhaps knows of my family there.
I also plan on contacting the Church that issued the baptism certificate to see if I can find more information there.
I was surprised and at the same time delighted to discover they included the job descriptions of the men on these documents.
Thanks so much again - I really do appreciate everyone's help.

Diane Yanosik
23-06-08, 23:00
The photo of the gravestone looks like it is in Maine. What we can make out is Charles Eklund
Matilda his wife
Agnes M. their dau
1901 (or3) - 1925 (or 1926)
As my grandmother's brother was Charles, and his wife Aunt Tilda, I'm pretty sure this is their stone. I didn't know about Agnes - just knew of their daughter Fannie. I'll have to give my Uncle a call and see if he can tell me anything about her.

Karen Norwillo
24-06-08, 20:54
I found Charles and Mathilda in 1920 in Hartford, CT. There are two children, Agnes M 16, born NY and Fannie 12, also NY. So the date of Agnes M is probably 1903. So they must have gone from NY to Ct to ME. Says Charles came to US in 1900 and Mathilda in 1906, which can't be right as Agnes was born 1903. I've been looking for the family in 1910, but haven't found as yet. Looks like their Agnes was named for Charles sister?? Karen

Karen Norwillo
24-06-08, 21:05
I found a 1905 ship's manifest with Mathilda, Agnes and Anna Eklund. Agnes is listed as born in USA and Mathida as being here before, 1900-1904. They are going to Carl Eklund in NY. Anna is listed as Mathilda's sister-in-law. So that puts the family in NY at that time. Karen

Diane Yanosik
25-06-08, 00:22
Hi Karen,
You are fantastic! Yes, I would take it that Agnes was named after my Grandmother. Seems logical, as my Father's middle name was Einar (a brother) and my Uncle who I need to call, his middle name is Charles. I'm hoping that my Uncle can shed some light on the young Agnes, but I'm not sure as she died about 10 years before he was born. I'll post any new information I get from him. Thanks again.