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02-05-08, 22:05
These seem to be aimed at Finn-Finn stereotypes. Don't read them if you are easily offended. For my experience, they do hold some truths...

1. An American, a Frenchman and a Finn go on a safari in Africa. They're walking through some bushes, and suddenly they come across an elephant.

How do they react?

The American: "I wonder how much money I could get for those tusks..."

The Frenchman: "I wonder what kind of a love life this elephant has...",

The "Finn: "I wonder what this elephant thinks about me..."

(2) Three Finnish brothers have gone fishing. It's early morning; they see the
sun rise over the horizon when the youngest brother says: "It doesn't seem like the fish are biting"

They keep on fishing and around midday the middle brother states:

"It really doesn't seem like the fish are hungry"

Night is coming, and the sun is setting when the oldest brother angrily scoffs:

"Of course, the fish aren't biting when you just keep on chatting!"

(3) What is the difference between a hungry stomach and a Finnish person who wants to ask something from a stranger?

You can actually hear the hungry stomach

(4) How do you know that you're talking to an extrovert Finn?

When conversing with you, he's looking at your feet instead of his own :)

Jaska Sarell
05-05-08, 22:33
Reminds me of a poem "Suomalainen" (A Finn) by Jorma Etto, cited by president Urho Kekkonen in his New Year speech in 1970's.
It begins:
Suomalainen on sellainen joka vastaa kun ei kysytä,
kysyy kun ei vastata, ei vastaa kun kysytään...
and translates something like:
"A Finn is a person who answers when not asked,
asks when not answered, doesn't answer when asked..."

:) Jaska