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Diane Yanosik
04-05-08, 18:10
I am looking for information on my Grandmother, Agnes Ingrid Eklund, b. 12 Feb 1894 in Vasa Finland. She immigrated to the US in the early 1900's. She came to live in NY with her sister Anne, married name Soderman. Ann's Husband was killed in a construction accident and she remarried George Carlson. She also had brothers Charles (lived in Millinocket, ME) and George who were here in the US. I know of another brother Einar who stayed in Finland. I have a certificate, not sure what exactly it is from Dioecesis Borgoensis, Vasa Svenska Församling, dated 21/2/1957. Looks like a baptism certificate, lists Mekaniker Magnus Edvard Eklund as her father and Edla Elisabet as her mother. Any information on the family, or where I can look for more information would be greatly appreciated

Karen Norwillo
04-05-08, 23:47
Agnes Eklund arrived NYC 19 Oct 1916 on SS United States from Christiana. She was 22, from Vasa, going to sister Anne Söderman 603 W 146th St NYC.

Karen Norwillo
05-05-08, 00:16
Here's the ships manifest for the 1916 arrival. Plugging in her birth date and just the first name Agnes into the SSDI, there are 15 Agnes's born 12 Feb 1894 on the list. I see one that looks interesting, Agnes Nygaard.

Karen Norwillo
05-05-08, 00:53
Unfortunately, the Nygaard Agnes was born in MN.

Karen Norwillo
05-05-08, 22:44
Here's some info on the Eklund men. WWI Draft Card
George Eklund Bronx, 36, Dec 6, 1881 carpenter Contact Mrs Anna Soderman Bronx

WWII Draft Card
John George Eklund
163 E 126th St NYC, age 60, born Vassar, Finland, 12-6-1881
Contact George Carlson 506 W 151st St NYC, employer Mr M Kelly 859 Sheridan Ave NYC

WWII Draft Reg Charles Eklund 95 W 162 St Bronx age 60 Jan 8, 1882 Finland Contact wife Mrs A Eklund same address, employer Government Pier #2, Hoboken, NJ. If this is the right Charles Eklund, then the one in Millinocket, ME can't be the right one. His wife's name was Mathilda. Do you have correct birthdates for the brothers?
So far no Agnes.

Diane Yanosik
06-05-08, 00:00
Thanks Karen. Agnes is not in the SSDI. Don't think she had a ssn. She married Frans Hugo Erhard Thunquist in Brooklyn. She died in 1960, when I was 1. I was really hoping for some information from Finland, as she didn't talk much about her homeland with her kids. I inherited photos from my parents, but my uncle, her only surviving child, doesn't know much. The info on George is helpful, as all my uncle remembers is an Uncle George. I'm also looking for info on Charles - I know he had a daughter who's married name was Montgomery (lived in Millinocket, ME) and a grand daughter Judy, who was a few years older than me. We lost touch with them after my Grandfather passed in 1976. Thanks again for your help.

Diane Yanosik
11-05-08, 03:01
Thanks for the Draft info. I think the George is the right one - listing a Mrs. Soderman as a contact - his sister Anne. Then on WWII contact is George Carlson, who Anna married after her first husband died. If this is correct, then the Charles can't be right as George's listed birth date is Dec 1881, and Charles' is Jan 1882, combined with the wrong name for the wife, I'd say not my family.
I was surprised at the listing as John George on the WWII papers. Contact name matches up, but the address is Harlem, and I was told he lived in the Bronx (was in the Bronx on WWI papers). Time to give my Uncle a call to see if I can jog his memory a bit. Thanks again.