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05-05-08, 23:08
Here is a photo of Karl Johan Johansson Lillsund Paasiala (# I46851 on Talko)

He is the son of

I23184. Johan Johansson Paasiala- AHLSKOG: born on 3 Aug 1844 in Paasiala, Nedervetil, Finland; married on 8 Sep 1867 in Nedervetil, Nedervetil, Finland

and his wife Brita Johanna Johansdotter EMMES: born on 24 May 1842 in Nedervetil, Nedervetil, Finland; died on 1 Sep 1911

He was the brother to my great grandmother ( Emma Johanna Johansdotter PAASIALA: born on 29 Oct 1879 in Haavisto, Nedervetil, Finland; died on 4 Mar 1949 in Steilacoom, Washington).

Karl Johan's daughter was Stella, I think there is a reference to an individual with S.E.R. initials in the Talko database, if this is Stella Edna Regina Ahlskog, born 19 May 1899; she died in on 23 Aug 1959. I don't know who Stella's brother was. There is reference in Talko with more initials, but they don't match what I have written on a piece of paper that I just found.

It has Stella's obituary taped to it, and there is writing that says her brother was VALDI or VALDE in America. I suppose this could have been Walter in the USA.

It is also possible that he went by the name Walter Carlson or Karlsson.

Stella was a "spinster" school teacher, so had no descendants.

If her brother had descendants, maybe they would want this photo?

Anyone have any clues? Most of my Nedervetil family ended up in Washington and Oregon.

Thanks - :)

25-04-09, 08:05

I was wondering if anyone could check out the original posting I made.

Thank you!

p.s. Or do you think I should post this on Suku Forum?

25-04-09, 15:21
I don't know if this is any help but, I found a marriage for a Karl Johan Ahlskog on 08.02.1896 in Ludington Michigan. It has his birth in Finland as 1866 and has his father as Matta Ahlskog.


June Pelo
25-04-09, 20:30
I have Karl, b. 1866, in my database. He changed his name to Charles Skoog and was married to Brita Johannna Karlsdotter Högbacka-Åström. They had 7 children. I think Charles operated a hardware store in Ludington. My grandparents lived there and knew the Skoog family. I think I have met some of them in my younger years.

I don't think there's any connection to the Johan Johansson Ahlskog-Paasiala Kivinen referred to. I also have data about Johan in my database, with a note that said his son Karl Johan, b. 1868, moved to Gamlakarleby 1893. I can ask someone in Nedervetil if they know what happened to Karl Johan.

25-04-09, 20:56
Thanks everyone, that would be nice to find out.