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07-05-08, 09:11
Hello all
I´m searching for ancestors to Alexander Anderson born 28 october 1868 in Näsby Närpes .He probably change her name in USA.He have a brother "Johnny Boy " Ingebritsen also spelled Engebritsen .John lived in Foster City Michigan while Alexander lived in Escanaba Michigan.Their father´s name was Anders .Their mother´s namewas Hannah (Johanna) Carlson.Alexanders wife´s maiden name was Anna Mattson.She was born 4 october 1878 in Harrström Finland.Her parents name was Matt Mattsson and Gracie Johnson according to their marriage certificate.But that also said that Alexander´s father was Anders Anderson.They married in Escanaba Michigan 31 october 1903.Any help would be much appreciated.

Karen Norwillo
07-05-08, 17:43
Here is the 1910 and 1920 census in Escanaba for Alexander and Annie Anderson. One says they're from Sweden, the other Finland, but that doesn't mean too much. By 1930, he was a widower. There are so many Anderson's in Escanaba. Alex's birth year is constantly different. I found that 1903 marriage in Escanaba. Says Anderson, Aleck and Mattison, Annie married 31 Oct 1903.

07-05-08, 18:27
Thank you ,Karen
Thank you very much for this. Good job. :D

Karen Norwillo
07-05-08, 19:37
I found a death for Alexander Anderson on the Delta County Historical Society.
Alexander Anderson b. 27.10.1869 d. 24.04.1938 widower Finland. Says father Engelquist, Anders mother Mattson. Again, these were often erroneous as children didn't know actual facts.
Near as I can figure children were born, Edith abt 1904, Axel abt 1906, Annie abt 1908, Lillian abt 1909 and Ethel abt 1913. It's possible that Annie and Lillian are the same person and she used a second name in the 1920 census. Otherwise Annie died between 1910-1920. Girls are so hard to trace due to marriage. I did find a death record on the MI Death Index that could be Axel, but there were several Axel Anderson in Escanaba. Axel E Anderson born 22 May 1906 and died 10 Oct 1978 Escanaba, Delta, MI.

08-05-08, 19:26
There are 6 Ingebrigtsen's in the latest Escanaba phone book as well as 2 Engebretson's. No record of Alexander Anderson in the Bethany Luthern Church record's. They may have gone to the Central Methodist Church, which I can look into when I next go to Escanaba.

08-05-08, 20:36
Hi Bud
Thank you for trying helping me.I appreciate it very much. Many thanks,

12-10-08, 16:00
Hi Bert

Well this is the rest of the information on the marriage of Aleck Anderson and Annie Mattison on Oct. 31, 1903. The minister is listed as Philip Thelander Lutheran pastor. He is the same minister that married my grandparents from Bethany Lutheran Church in Escanaba. I shows they are both from Finland. It lists the witnesses as Gust Johnson, Ida Granholm, Gabrial Mattison, Hilda Heggblom and Mrs. Mattdahl. I don't know why they are not included in Chuck Maki's SFHS Michigan church records. His list is pretty complete.
I tried to upload the image, but it must be too large. Maybe my cousin Karen can do it.


Karen Norwillo
12-10-08, 16:49
Where did you find the image you couldn't upload? I'll try, but I don't know where you found it. I see on Delta they say it's in book B199. Karen

Karen Norwillo
12-10-08, 17:19
Bud and Bert,
Here's the image. I had to crop it twice to make it small enough to upload. Aleck and Annie are item #2095. This is from Family Search, Michigan Marriages. If you want the whole page, Bert, I will send it to your private email if you PM me with it. Karen