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Stig Fogde
07-05-08, 10:38
My great grandfather Mathias/Matts Mattson Fogde's last known place of residence was - supposing that person on the death certificate of March 1914 was actually him - Brookston, Minnesota. Having been a farmer back in Finland it seems natural that he at some point planned to buy a piece of land for himself instead of living as a boarder all his life in the States, first in Calumet and Keweenaw, Michigan.

Can anyone tell me what usually happened when an immigran'ts passport expired? My great grandfather had a family back home in Mustasaari, but rumor has it that he remarried in the States so it is possible that he wanted to disappear without a trace. Anyway, Matts was declared dead back home in Finland on Jan. 1, 1914.

If anyone out there is familiar with the Brookston area around the time of the death of my great grandfather, maybe you could have any good suggestions as how to continue my research. Land records, perhaps?

07-05-08, 12:30
Hi Stig,
It appears if you email this link they will do 3 lookups for free.

Good luck,

07-05-08, 12:43
I have checked with the Minnesota historical society site, http://people.mnhs.org, and found the following: Fogde, Matt, date of death 14 Mar 1914, county of death: St. Louis, Certid# 1914-MN-024240. Death certificates can be ordered from the MHS for a fee. I could not find any other information on the other sites that I checked.

Stig Fogde
07-05-08, 14:51
Thanks Kathy for checking with the MNHS site; this is the person I'm talking about.

Thanks Denise for the smart suggestion; I immediately mailed my request for three lookups to the county genealogist.