View Full Version : Did you get a strange PM from "James"

08-05-08, 14:08
One person going by the name "James" registered and sent PMs to members of this forum - completely against the rules he agreed to when registering.

For your information - he got banned as soon as I learned about it. If you seen a message from "James" in your PM Inbox - just delete the message.

Spammers are not welcome here.


08-05-08, 17:32
Thank you Hasse!

I have not had any PM from him, but I appreciate that you want to keep this forum clean!

Are you interested in my updated database (40.000 records)? In what form should I make the GEDCOM?


08-05-08, 18:13
Hej -

Yes, I got the spam. I checked what he was spamming about, and it was a sort of blend of spiritual enlightenment and a wagon full of manure.

I didn't respond to him, either.:)

08-05-08, 20:35
Hej Hasse:

I got pm'd a couple of days ago, checked it, & deleted. Thank you for running a tight ship!

Christopher Hagstrom

08-05-08, 21:37
Thank you from me too ;) . I never got a pm but it is good to know that we are being well looked after. Well done Hasse.

b hietala
09-05-08, 03:32
Thanks Hasse,

I got two PM's from him, which I deleted. Thanks for keeping an eye out for those folks.

09-05-08, 23:54
James spammed me also on May 1. Thanks for blocking him.
Beverly Cooper