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08-05-08, 17:29

I have the information that Matts Vilhelm Krohn (b.3 Sep 1885-Dalabäck,Pedersöre;d.22 Okt 1913-Jakobstad) emigrated to USA 1 Nov 1909. He returned 1912. I have no idea of where he lived, but could anyone find it out?

I have also found some pictures from Rhineland, Wisconsin in my grandmother's home. There are some unknown men on these pictures and now I wonder, could one of them be Matts Vilhelm?

Perhaps US census 1910 and/or passenger lists could give me a hint?


08-05-08, 18:11
Could this be a brother?

Found on the Ellis Island website -

Ship manifest states that this man (Niktov) SHOULD BE VIKTOR was from Mustasaari, and was on his way to Bessemer, Michigan.

Bessemer is in the Upper Peninsula, near Ironwood. Big Finn Town.

Also, Rhineland, Wisconsin is not too far across the border from the Bessemer, MI area.

First Name: Niktov
Last Name: Krohn
Ethnicity: Finnish
Last Place of Residence: Mustasari
Date of Arrival: Mar 05, 1900
Age at Arrival: 20y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Lucania
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0020

Karen Norwillo
08-05-08, 19:53
Found his arrival in 1909 under name Vilhelm Kron, 26 Nov 1909 SS Mauretania from Liverpool. Says he's 24, married, wife Anna Kron in Jakobstad, going to friend Herman Granlund in Negaunee, MI. Found the 1910 census for a Herman Granlund that may be his friend. There's a Vilhelm Kranlin as a boarder that could be him, spelling off. On the line above is a Vilhelm listed as brother, another possibility?? Karen

08-05-08, 21:04
Hello Karen!

It looks like you have found the right person. Matts Vilhelm left his wife Anna in Finland while he was in USA. She seems to be living in Jakobstad at that time.

Now I do not know if Negaunee is far from Rhineland, Whisconsin. Perhaps the men on the picture are not Matts Vilhelm and his friends.

The name Herman Granlund is interesting. There were some Granlund-brothers from the same village who emigrated to USA, but their names are Anders and August and they were ab 15 years older than Matts Vilhelm. But a check on Hiski gives me the information that these Viktor and Vilhelm Granlund were from Löfö, Björn and not from Kållby, Dalabäck as Matts Vilhelm was born.

To Kivinen1!

I can't see how your Viktor could fit in this time. The parish Mustasaari is a little bit too far from Pedersöre. His wife Anna was born in Nykarleby.

I enclose an image of the picture. The man to the right is the one I suppose COULD BE Matts Vilhelm, because there were other pictures too and he was on every picture. The others were not.


09-05-08, 01:41
To follow up on Karen's find the Österbotten S - F.N.F lodge #3 in Negaunee has a Herman Granlund and a Henrik Granlund listed as from Lövö Pedesore. The Negaunee Bethany Luthern Church has Henrik Gustav Granlund born 30.06.1879 in Pedesore.

09-05-08, 06:46

These Granlund-brothers seemed to be friends to Matts Vilhelm.

Matts Vilhelm died one year after he returned to Finland. They had no children, so it is difficult to find anyone here in Finland who could possibly identify him.


09-05-08, 12:57
Rhinelander is about 2 hours drive from Negaunee these days.

09-05-08, 15:08
If you are interested I have the wife of Gustav Granlund listed under the Order of Runeburg Lodge in 1917 as Maria Smith born in Kyrkostrand, Pedersöre, Finland. A son listed as Rudolf Granlund. The Negaunee church record has Maria Sofia Granlund born 26.10.1876 in Pedersöre and her son Gustav Rudolph Granlund born Oct. 2, 1900 in Pedersöre.
The lodge record also has the wife of Herman Granlund listed as Evelina Sundquist born in Läpplaks, Pedesöre, Finland. I could not find church records for Herman or Evelina.

Karen Norwillo
09-05-08, 15:47
On the WWI Draft Cards, Wilhelm Granlund 17 Jun 1887 Pedersore, Finland farmer with wife and 2 children in Marquette county, MI. This could be the Wilhelm listed on the 1910 census as brother with Herman. The ages would be about right.
Herman's Draft card says born 13 Aug 1877, he's a carpenter, wife Evelina (Lena)

10-05-08, 13:25
Is it possible that Matts Vilhelm Krohn's father was originally from Germany? Krohn is a very common German surname.

Karen Norwillo
10-05-08, 16:25
I checked Hiski Pedersöre records and I see Johan Herman Granlund was born 18 Aug 1877 and Anders Vilhelm Granlund 17 Jun 1884 in Löfö, Björn, to same parents. These match the Granlund brothers in Negaunee. I did not find a matching birthdate for a Matts Vilhelm Krohn in 1885 Pedersöre.

10-05-08, 17:18
Matts Vilhelm was born out of wedlock. His mother was Maria Hansdotter Kronkvist from Pedersöre. She was also punished for that ("lägersmål") as usual in those days.

Later Maria Kronkvist and her son Matts Vilhelm (also Kronkvist) emigrated to Sorjo in Carelia. There she married Anders Viktor Krohn (from Kronoby) and Matts Vilhelm was adopted. The couple had several children, all well documented. When Viktor Krohn suddenly died, Maria and her children moved back to Jakobstad. This story is in Släkt och Bygd 2005 by Roy Sjöblom.

But my interest is to what happened to Matts Vilhelm Krohn in USA and the picture I had in my previous thread. I do not know the men on the picture, but in my grandmother's house were many old pictures. Among them these men. I just wondered could I link Matts Vilhelm's visit in USA to Rhinelander, Wisconsin were the picture was taken. That could indicate that Matts Vilhelm is one of the men.


Karen Norwillo
10-05-08, 20:18
What was your grandmother's name? It might help to trace her in 1910 and see if Matts Wilhelm was in the area.
There were 3 Krohn's listed in Rhinelander in 1912-1913 city directory, John, Klaus and Peter, but I believe they were all from Germany.

10-05-08, 22:37
Hello Karen!

My grandmother was 1st cousin to Matts Vilhelm (Kronkvist-) Krohn. She never went to USA, but lived all her life in Pedersöre. She died 1969.

Her aunt, Maria Hansdotter Kronkvist-Krohn was living in Sorjo near Ladoga in Carelia as I told before. After she returned home to Jakobstad she had many contacts with her childhood-home. My grandmother also often visited Maria in Jakobstad.

So I do not think there is anything to find about my grandmother.

I was only wondering about these strange pictures from Rhinelander, Wisconsin. One idea I got was that they could be from Maria's son, Matts Vilhelm.

These Krohn you found in Rhinelander does not seem to be from my family.


11-05-08, 01:28
I also found two of Karens Krohn's in Rhinelander for the 1910 census. John H. Krohn born abt. 1887 in Germany and arrived in America in 1906. The second is Peter Krohn born abt. 1876 and arrived in America in 1906. The reason I asked was when I checked the 1910 census in Wisconsin, I found several hundred Krohn's that were either born in Germany or Wisconsin.