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June Pelo
11-05-08, 19:42
I have been asked to help trace the ancestry of Gisela Cornelia von Koschembahr, b. 1914, Berlin, whose lineage links to Cornelia Roosevelt (Theodore's side of the family) who married into the family through Baron von Zedlitz. I think Gisela's parents were Gerhardt Brueck and Hilda Alexandra von Koschembahr whose father was a German baron who married a cousin of Theodore Roosevelt. Gisela married an American after WWII. Does anyone have any suggestions where to find any information.

Karen Norwillo
12-05-08, 16:56
I found this online. It was in response to a query on a genealogical site.
"Baroness Hilda von Zedlitz und Neukirch, daughter of Baron Clemens and wife Nellie Roosevelt, married Gerhard Bruck in Dresden in 1914. Bruck was at some point adopted by a von Koschembahr and used the name Bruck von Koschembahr. He was not a member of nobility. The couple lived in Rye, NY and Hilda died in 1954." It looks like the Nassau Library might be a good place for info. www.nassaulibrary.org There is a limited family tree posted on Ancestry by a member of a Rudin family. Edla Barbara von Koschembahr, parents: von Koschembahr, Roosevelt, born 1931 Germany, died 2001 Fl, married Bernard Rudin 1928-1987. Owner of tree Irice76. No email address, but if you belong to Ancestry, you can contact her. If not, I could leave a message for her to contact you. It looks like Barbara could be related to Hilda.

Karen Norwillo
12-05-08, 17:45
June, Found lots more info I'll send it to your private email as this isn't Finnish. Karen

Karen Norwillo
12-05-08, 20:16
My mistake. I now see there are Finnish ties through the husband of Gisela Cornelia who married Harold Olof Wang, born 7 Dec 1911, on 21 Mar 1946. He was the son of Gilbert Wang and Selma Alexandra Finell 5 Jan 1888 in Ludington, MI and died 27 Dec 1977. Looks like Dofnas info on Ancestry. Also a Gedcom Lassas.
I also found a WWII Army Enlistment 1938-1946 for Koschembahr, Gisela C von, 1914 Danzig, Germany, citizen, enlisted 7 Sep 1944 in Cleveland, OH WAC Private, 2 yrs college, single. Karen

Karen Norwillo
12-05-08, 20:51
June, Here's another ships manifest. Looks like the family had frequent trips abroad. Looks like a George Roosevelt in NYC was a cousin to Hilda or Hilde von Koschembahr. Manifest says wife's cousin. Karen

Note: this in addition to several other manifests and Naturalization records sent privately to June.

Karen Norwillo
12-05-08, 21:31
I found a wedding clipping about the marriage of the marriage of Roosevelt-von Zedlitz. You can also find lot of background about the von Zedlitz und Neukirsch family in Germany at alt.talk.royalty under Baron Clemens von Zedlitz und Neukirsch. If you Google the name it will take you to the site. Cornelia must be Nellie.

Karen Norwillo
15-05-08, 16:51
I see on Ancestry that both Gisela and Harold enlisted in the Army in WWII. Is that where they met? Gisela von Koschembahr enlisted 7 Sep 1944 in Cleveland, Harold O Wang enlisted 25 May 1942 in Louisiana. He was born 1911 in Rhinelander, Onieda, WI. I already sent you her death in CA. There is a Harold Wang listed in the Public Records Index same place. Is he still living? I know these records aren't completely up to date. He'd be 97. Wang is such an unusual surname for Norway. Is that the original spelling? Karen