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13-05-08, 11:34
A new interesting portal with links to several Finnish digital collections, archives, museums et.c. Some of these are familiar to many of you e.g. the National Archive, some may be new acquaintances.

the adress is: https://www.michael-culture.fi/. there is a button for English, but I'm sorry to say that they have missed out some as many of the descriptions of the different collections come out in Finnish anyway.

This seems to be a growing project, as they have listed several types of institution that aren't represented yet.

Michael stands for Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe. This seems to be a broad European project. At the URL http://michael-culture.eu you find links to other national participants and an explanation of the project.

I think this type of portals are much needed. At least they shorten the list of bookmarks you have in your browser. Oh how I wish that I had learned more languages when I was younger.:o


13-05-08, 16:52
Oh how I wish that I had learned more languages when I was younger.
Nothing wrong with learning some new languages now Sune :D

Many thanks for the link, looks great!