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Michelle Barlond
14-05-08, 10:35
I am new here and searching my great grandfathers family in Finland.
His name was Andrew (Andrae) O (Odenkirk) Barlond (Barlund) He was born in 1863 in Finland and immigrated to the US in late 1880's His brother was Everett (Evert) Barlond (Barlund). We know they left from Karleby but are unsure where they were born and raised. We believe they had a sister who later immigrated but still doing research on this aspect. :)

14-05-08, 15:11

Unfortunately Hiski does not consist information on births for Karleby after 1860. But I found some other Bärlund born in the middle of 1800-s.

Birth date*Father*Mother*Mother's age*Child

17.12.1842*Anders Bärlund*Brita Maija Mattsdr.*30-35*Edla Johanna

4.2.1850*And. Bärlund*Brita Maria*35-40*Brita Lena

25.11.1858*And. Bärlund*Sofia Mattsdr.*40*Matts Alfred

Christian Dahlin

June Pelo
14-05-08, 17:20
I believe I have these people in my database:

Matts Andersson Jubbila-Reipsar-Bärlund, b. 8 May 1826, Karleby, married 8 Dec 1857, Karleby to Brita Lena Mattsdotter Reipsar, b. 2 May 1838, Karleby. They had 5 children, born in Karleby:
- Anders Olof, b. 29 Jul 1862. To America 1881. Declared dead 1939.
- Brita Johanna, b. 10 Apr 1864. To America 1886. Declared dead 1939.
- Carl Viktor, b. 14 Sep 1866, d. 8 Jun 1886.
- Matts Evert, b. 3 Nov. 1875, d. 14 Jul 1904, America. To America 1897.
- Lydia, b. 25 May 1878, d. 10 Aug 1890.

I have some data on the ancestry of the parents Matts and Brita Lena. If you have access to Talko, you can find them there also.

14-05-08, 17:24

Looked a little in the Talko database for Bärlunds

1 Matts Andersson Jubbila-Reipsar- BÄRLUND b. 8 MAY 1826 d. 31 JUL 1895
+ Brita Lena Mattsdotter REIPSAR b. 2 MAY 1838
2 Anders Olof Mattsson BÄRLUND b. 29 JUL 1862 - left for America
2 Brita Johanna Mattsdotter BÄRLUND b. 10 APR 1864 emigrated
2 Carl Viktor Mattsson BÄRLUND b. 14 SEP 1866 d. 8 JUN 1886
2 Matts Evert Mattsson BÄRLUND b. 3 NOV 1875 d. 14 JUL 1904 left for America
2 Lydia Mattsdotter BÄRLUND b. 25 MAY 1878 d. 10 AUG 1890

The family seems to fit quite nicely. The birth year for Anders/Andrew is off by one year - but is the birthday the same possibly?

If this is the right Andrew then there is a quite nice family tree already there. As one could suppose, Anders belongs to both Caino and Kankkonen among others.


Edited: Noticed that June answered at almost the same time. Good timing!

Michelle Barlond
15-05-08, 00:25
:) Wow,
I knew I had found the right website.... We may be off a year on this side for my grandfather Anders.... I have been searching for the last month after leaving it alone for 10 years. My nephew has been searching off and on for 3 years... How do we say thank you ??? I forwarded this to my brother and sister and nephew - I also have a cousin on Uncle Evert side who has been doing research for the last 10 + years. There is about 80 Barlonds in the surrounding area of Battle Creek area and about 180 thru out the US. I am fairly sure that we will all end up being connected some how.
I knew I had found the right website by Hasse quick respons and I recognized June name by articles I had read on the website. I do not know how to thank you all for your assistance !
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Michelle Barlond :D :D :D

June Pelo
15-05-08, 01:42

I also have some distant relatives from Nedervetil who took the Bärlund name. There's one family that went to White Cloud, MI - Johan Gustav Johansson Pelo who took the name Gustafson. He had a son Johannes (John) who went to Ludington and a son Alfred who went to Chisholm, MN. He had brothers Leander and Carl Fredrik who took the Bärlund name and went to the NW where they worked as fisherman. Bärlund does not appear to have been a family name in Finland, but was an adopted name. Most of them seem to have lived in Karleby and Nedervetil.

If you are interested in an ahnentafel of your Bärlund ancestry, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you. I'd need your e-mail address.

Michelle Barlond
15-05-08, 08:43
My email is mbarlondsmith[at]gmail.com and I kind of wondered if the Barlonds on the west coast would end up being related ... It is an unusual name for Finland and the US - I met a guy from Finland named Aki Barlund on the Finnish Hockey Team 20 years ago here in my home town - We had lunch and he told me the name was not Finnish but did not know where the family came from. He was from Tampere.
I noticed that you have a great deal of info out in the internet world. You were the reason I started to use Barlund instead of Barlond in my searches.
Thank you !!!:)

15-05-08, 09:22
As some background information.

According to the Population Information System of Finland there are currently some 340 Bärlunds in Finland, additionally 119 whose previous (maiden?) name was Bärlund.


15-05-08, 20:25
Bärlund is a fairly common name here in Borgå and in the neighbor parish Sibbo. Check out the Hiski database at http://www.genealogia.fi.