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Margaret Rader
10-11-03, 06:50

In Hiski, the notation Kyrkovärd was by an ancestor's name in the burial record. I guess it means church warden, but I'm not sure if I'm right and what the duties of a kyrovärd were.


Gita Wiklund
10-11-03, 11:07
I´m no expert but it seems to me a kyrkovärd is comparable to a church warden as far as I understand from what I read about what their duties used to be after surfing the internet for information.. It was an important post in the church community. They had responibilities concerning the church inventories, graveyard, church accounts, generally keeping things in order. It was a respected post with much responsibility and work envolved.
Please excuse my bad english. Maybe someone else can explain this better, for instance on how they were elected and so on.