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June Pelo
16-05-08, 22:44
I have a request for help, but not much information. It concerns the Ravald family from Terjärv. Amanda Emilia Andersdotter Ravald, b. 22 Oct 1889, Terjärv, married Charles Samuelsson from Sweden (no info. about him) - they probably married in New York. They had two daughters, Svea, b. 11 Nov 1909 in NY?, she died in Westchester Cty., NY. The other daughter was Elsie Florence Ingeborg, b. 18 Oct 1913, NY, d. 7 Sep 1973, FL in a tragic accident. Elsie's children are trying to find out something about their family. They know that Charles Samuelsson was a brick mason and fell off the roof of a building and died of injuries. Amanda then married someone named Melander and had a son named Harold. That's about all they know.

Amanda's granddaughter would like to make contact with living relatives in Finland. I think that Amanda had 2 brothers: Gustaf and Hugo and a sister Irene and the brothers married and had families.

Hasse Andtbacka
17-05-08, 06:51
Most of Amanda's siblings emigrated to America.
Gustaf b. 15.6.1886 stayed in Terjärv, he has some descendants, not many.
Anna Alina b. 7.11.1875 emigated 1893, Anders Emil b. 27.7.1877 emigrated 1899, Maria Josefina emigrated 1900 and died 1903, Amanda b. 22.10.1889 emigrated 1906, Irene Sofia b. 11.3.1893 emigrated 1911 and the youngest Hugo Alexander b. 2.2.1897 probably also went to America.

June, I will send you a list over relatives in Finland.
Hasse Andtbacka

June Pelo
18-05-08, 01:07

Thanks for the list. I sent it to Nancy and am waiting to hear from her.