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Sue Heerey
17-05-08, 06:46
Registered today and put a post up on the genealogy forum regarding my granmother who emigrated to Australia in 1891 from Finland -and then thought that I should have introduced myself first!
So thought I would log onto new members forum and do so.

I live in Melbourne Australia , and have been interested in family History for some time, but only recently started to try and track down the families Finnish background. My grandmother Elizabeth Holms/ Holstrum died long before I was born, but must have been a remarkable woman.

She came out to Australia on her own in 1891aged 20 , and went to Broken Hill in New South Wales. Wehave a photo of her at this age, which shows a very young, pretty girl, I cannot imagine how she survived in Broken Hill which was a very harsh desolate mining town in far Western New South Wales -almost desert country. She married three times -(I'm from the third marriage , to a Norwegian,) and ended up in the seaside town of Bunbury in Western Australia.

I have often wondered what it must have been like for her -and why she came -
According to my mother she was the best mother -cared for her children beautifully , loved all three husbands dearly (two were Irish -died young ) and had a ferocious temper when roused !

I have posted the details of my query on the gen forum, and am so hoping I can obtain some assistance -and fill in a few gaps .

Best regards
Sue Heerey