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June Pelo
19-05-08, 02:34
I have a request for help finding information about Karl (Charles) August Samuelson who was born in Sweden, ca 1881 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn. They think he died ca 1922.

June Pelo
20-05-08, 01:30
Charles Samuelson's family asked if there is a website where they can search for his death certificate, or a newspaper article which would indicate the cause of his death. They know he died in 1922 and is buried in Evergreen cemetery, Brooklyn. There's a story in the family that he was a stone mason and fell from a building and died the next day. That's all they know. He was born 23 Sep 1881 in Sweden and came to the US in 1905.

20-05-08, 02:35

unfortunately, this brooklyn eagle newspaper searchable ends with 1902 but perhaps something can be found that hasn't been requested.

20-05-08, 10:37
i found one match in the 1900 cencus in Sweden that match.
Namn: Karl August Samuelsson
Hemförsamling: Göteborg Masthugg
Hemort: Kvarstående obefintliga sedan 1891-1900
Kontrakt: Domprosteriets Södra
Län: Göteborgs- och Bohuslän
Födelseår: 1881
Födelseförsamling: Backa Göteborgs- och Bohuslän
Yrke: Pitpropsarbetare
Civilstånd: Ogift (O)
Kön: Man
Famstkod: Ensamstående (E)
Parents : Bernhard Samuelsson and johanna Sofia Niklasdotter.
Let me know if you want more.

Karen Norwillo
20-05-08, 15:09
Here's the family in 1910-1920 in Brooklyn. You'll see he used the name Charles Samuelson. Wife Amanda and,by 1920, two children US 1904, mason.
I'll keep checking. Karen

June Pelo
20-05-08, 16:13
Karinh, Thank you for the information. What is Yrke: Pitpropsarbetare?

June Pelo
20-05-08, 16:49

Thanks for those census records. I know Nancy and family will be delighted. I also found a picture of the Terjärv church for her - Amanda was from Terjärv, even though the census shows her born in Sweden.

June Pelo
20-05-08, 16:54

I've been trying to find online obits. for Charles Samuelson in 1922, but haven't found him yet. He is buried in Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn, but I couldn't find a record of his name there. I suggested that the family write to the cemetery for information. The census records were taken in the Bronx.

20-05-08, 16:57
I have never heard of that occupation. i found a definition of pitrop and It's a wooden prop used to support the roof of a mine temporarily. So maybe It has something to do with minig??!! If anyone else knows please let us know.

Karen Norwillo
20-05-08, 17:01
I found Charles WWI Draft Reg, but unfortunately it shows the wrong card image. Correct date of birth, registered in Brooklyn, but wrong person's card image. Have been trying to find Amanda and the family in 1930, but no luck As she would have been a young widow, she probably remarried. I tried searching for Elsie and Sven in 1930, but no luck.

Elsie would have been abt 16 in 1930. I did find a Chas. Samuelson, mason, listed in the 1915 Brooklyn city directory at 497 E 138th St. They lived on E 136th in 1920. I do see on the one census image for Amanda, it does say her parents were Finn. Karen

June Pelo
21-05-08, 02:19
Thanks, Karen. The family said that after Charles died Amanda remarried to someone named Melander. Mr. Melander had a son Harold Melander from his previous marriage, but we have no info. about them. Amanda was born in Finland and I have found her family info. Svea (Peggy) was born in 1910 NY and married Ernest Braue. They lived in NJ. Elsie was born 1913 NY and married George Neitzel. They had daughters Jeanne (Chonus), b. 1938 and Nancy (Anderson), b. 1958.

Ingemar Ekman
21-05-08, 18:48
Hi June,
I found the family in the scanned church records for Backa at www.genline.se The Communion book 1881-1886 Page 68 picture 73:

Berhard Samuelsson born 11 June 1849 in Tuve married first time 21 May 1875 to Johanna Sofia Niklasdotter b 29 Dec 1847 in Backa. She died 7 June 1883 and Berhard was remarried in Dec 1885 to Maria Charlotta Andersson b 20 July 1856.
Also their first children were listed
Gerda Wilhelmina b 25/6 1875
Johan Birger b 28/8 1879
Karl August b 23/9 1881
Ernst Hugo b 1/6 1883 died 25/10 1883
Elin Hariette Charlotta b 29/1 1886

and the communion book for Backa 1886 -1897 page 117 had some additional information:
Berhard died 2 mar 1893
Gerda Wilhelmina emigrated 29 May 1891 to North America
and 4 more children were born:
Nils Hugo b 18/1 1887
Lilly Maria Josefina b 29/3 1888
Hulda Margaretha b 17/1 1890
Hilma Bernhardina b 13/3 1893

Please find attached the copy of the church record for 1881-1886.

Best Regards,

Karen Norwillo
21-05-08, 19:51
I thought that name on the census looked like Svea, but they had her enumerated as son so I figured Sven. I'll check into Melander in 1930. Karen

Karen Norwillo
21-05-08, 20:22
Here's the 1930 census and Ivar's Draft Reg card for WWII. I mistakenly have it labelled as WWI. It's II. Also found Harold Melander on the SSDI and VT Death Index. He was born 20 Dec 1925 and died 5 Sep 1986 in Bennington, VT. He lived in Dumont, Bergen, NJ, born NY, was 60 and married. Karen

Karen Norwillo
21-05-08, 20:33
Here's Ivar's 1920 arrival from Finland. He was from Narpes. It would appear Harold was not from a previous marriage but was his and Amanda's. He was only 4 yrs+ in 1930. They were married abt 6 years in 1930. Says he was 33 at age of first marriage. She was 20, but that would have been her age at marriage to Charles.

Karen Norwillo
21-05-08, 20:56
Harold R Melander was married to Helen F Melander 27 Nov 1927 NY, died 19 Jul 2003 Dumont, Bergen, NJ. They had 3 children. I'll send them PM as they are probably living.

June Pelo
21-05-08, 21:49
Thank you, Karen. I'll pass all this on to the family. You have good eye sight to be able to read some of that!!

Ingemar Ekman
22-05-08, 07:34
Hi again June,
The file I tried to upload was invalid format but now as pdf-file,

June Pelo
22-05-08, 17:45

Thank you for all the data you have found about this family.