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June Pelo
19-05-08, 02:36
I have another request for help: Johan Hildunen was born 13 Jan 1811, Oulu. Does anyone have access to Oulu records? He had a brother Jonas Frederick, and both of them were sailors. The family can't find any information on them.

19-05-08, 05:08
Hi June,
I found this on Hiski...

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Oulun tuomiokirkkoseurakunta - Uleåborgs domkyrkoförsamling
Born / Christened 13.1.1811 13.1.1811
Village / Farm
Mother Qv: Eva Hildunen 24
Child Johannes

Original comment ALKUPKOMM: oä:

And additional info. on other children...

Oulun tuomiokirkkoseurakunta - Uleåborgs domkyrkoförsamling - all


Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

21.2.1796 3.3.1796 Ulsu pig. Eva Pehrsd:r Hildunen Lars

original - ALKUPKOMM: oä.
16.1.1799 Ulsu pig. Eva Hildunen

original - ALKUPKOMM: oä. flickeb. nödd.
4.3.1801 7.3.1801 Ulsu dej. Eva Hildunen Christina

original - ALKUPKOMM: oä.
26.2.1808 27.2.1808 Stad. Dej: Eva Hildunen 21 Eva Christina

original - ALKUPKOMM: oä
13.1.1811 13.1.1811 Qv: Eva Hildunen 24 Johannes

original - ALKUPKOMM: oä:
26.1.1818 27.1.1818 stad qv. Eva Hildunen 30 Greta Lovisa

original - ALKUPKOMM: oä.
10.4.1822 11.4.1822 stad dej. Eva Hildunen 35 Adolfina Wilh.
And info. on their mother Eva Hildunen's death.


Died Buried Village Farm Person Cause yrs m. w. d.

6.6.1841 Stad Qv. Eva Hildunen Gulsot 54 4

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